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  1. how come i get booted before my deadline? I know i havent played in a while but jeez guys i did log 24 games and was just waiting til the end, so how come its june 15th and ive lost my team...b.s. oh well hope your six losses was worth it metzger
  2. PIT 3 QUE 6 QUE 5 PIT 4 ggs electric gl rest of way
  3. SCORING 1 C-Mario Lemiuex LW-Valeri Kamensky RW-Mike Ricci RD-Alexei Gusarov LD-Sandis Ozolinsh G-Patrick Roy EXTRA-Pat Verbeek SCORING 2 C-Terry Yake LW-Martin Rucinsky RW-Donald Audette RD-Uwe Krupp LD-Taratinov G-Craig Billington EXTRA-Lachance
  4. I am going to do as hokkee did to avoid any confusion with my recent trades until an update happens Forwards: Ricci 3yrs/4mil Mario Lemiuex 3yrs/9mil Kamensky 1yr/4mil Verbeek 3yrs/2mil C. Lapointe 3yrs/.5mil Yake 3yrs/.5mil Rucinsky 1yr/.5mil Defensmen: Gusarov 3yrs/5.5mil Ozolinsh 3yrs/4mil Krupp 3yrs/.5mil Lachance 3rs/.5mil Taratinov 1yr/.5mil Goalies: Roy 3yrs/18mil Billington 3 yrs/.5mil TOTAL = 50 million This is my final roster for the Avs.
  5. QUE 5 CHI 4 OT CHI 4 QUE 3 ggs bro
  6. if anyone wants the latest Duchesne news...Steve Duchesne, our hearts go out to you
  7. Steve Duchesne took one for the team (so to speak) today in Quebec's eventual victory taking a brett hull slapshot directly to the face to save a wide open net. Duchesne's face broke upon impact shattering into dozens of pixelated bits as he screamed for God to kill him now in front of thousands of horrified and slightly nauseous fans at Le Colisee. When asked about what he was doing out of the crease Big Ron Hextall was quoted as saying he 'saw something shiny in the crowd' and meandered off to get a closer look. Ron would later rush to Steve's side whereupon Steve gave Hextall the traditional 'middle finger-up' sign to signify he was ok. According to coach 5hole, Ron feels awful and has offered to take Steve to Sizzler or 'maybe even Village Inn' when he gets out of the intensive care ward. As of this print, Steve is in hour 13 of facial reconstructive surgery. While it is not clear what he will look like after, here is a staff artists rendition of the likely outcome BEFORE AFTER Steve, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. Im not surprised, alot of us, myself included, are new or relative first timers, we've been waiting for a while now and were pretty amped up. lets keep it going. GO QUEBEC 11-9 at present!
  9. STL 4 QUE 5 OT QUE 7 STL 2 really ggs james considering you were getting robbed the whole series. cheers to steve duchesne's melon and its tremendous goal stopping aptitude! HUZZAH!
  10. honestly man, i think i may challenge you for that title someday. SS, I challenge you to a suck off!!!.....Ready.......GO!!!
  11. confirmed on both trades, please put through, nice doing business with you takk, gl with north stars, as for my quest to rebuild the 96 championship avs team...i am one step closer. (cue maniacal laughing and the wringing of the hands)!
  12. NYR 1 QUE 3 QUE 8 NYR 1 HEXTALL IS A WALLLLLLL!!! ggs elio, ive come a long way since my first online game against you. you were my first (sniff). gl rest of the way bro.
  13. you too man, not ugly either and if they were, i'd hate to see what 'pretty' victories were like. ggs
  14. you too my friend, lets play anytime
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