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  1. Haha yea I saw that, has to be a Top 5 Onion article. I wish I could remember their names too....
  2. I'm making a ROM full of fictional teams from movies/TV/Books/ect.., and need some help on ideas. What teams should I put in it? What should their ratings be, positions ect.., Currently I'm working on the D2 Mighty Ducks, and I really don't feel like watching that again, so any information on positions and the like would be a big help.
  3. Agreed, although he's the only person they name on Team Iceland IIRC. What a great name.
  4. I don't think its a record, but in a game against the comp. a few minutes ago I managed to get 5 men into the box.: Notice the 4:11 PP. I managed to hold them off and ended up winning 4-0. It was game 3 of the Stanley Cup too.
  5. Someone would have to change the sounds so when the Period horn goes off it's replaced with "Car!......."
  6. Has anyone ever thought about making a mod with teams from famous hockey movies? I would love to do myself, but don't have any modding experience (except with RBI baseball, which is very easy to do because of the online RBI editor) Possible teams: Mystery, Alaska Team The District 5 Mighty Ducks (DI) Team USA Ducks (D2) Eden Hall JV team (D3) (Havn't seen in a while, don't remember how close it is to team from D2) Slapshot Miracle ()