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  1. passing in Gens is brutal......even 1st liners on most of the teams i've tried I've noticed the puck just bounces off of them, or passes dont get through to players. It always gets intercepted (unlike in the SNES version)

    something should be done (if possible) to the future edits and the stick handling and passing of 95% of the players should go up ALOT. (rating of 80-95 for all the players)

    Even the worst players in the league can take a pass. It doesn't mean that you have an overall rating of 49 to 65% that you couldn't handle a pass.

    You didn't reach the NHL for nothing!

    how can I make the changes myself?

  2. Put it anywhere you like. You just need to select it when you choose Open ROM... from the File menu in the emulator.

    I keep getting a blank screen.

    i'm using the Zsnes emulator

    the checksum says FAIL =(

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