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  1. Not only do I play with penalties, but I also play offsides. I cuts down on breakaways for the other team and keeps the game from getting out of hand, i.e. Scores like 13-1. Yes, I used to play with no penalties, but if you play with them on, especally with offsides, it will IMPROVE your game.
  2. This morning I had the sold out Madison Square Garden at 128!! The glass on the crowd level meter was shattered!!! Anyone top that??
  3. Thanks for the help, BUT I have the game for SNES. Probably should have mentioned that. Oops. Well, If someone knows the SNES controls for the game, I would like those. I'm on my way to a Cup with the Rangers right now so I am making due with what conrols I do know. Still, if anyone knows the SNES controls, it would be great to have a final answer.
  4. I just rediscovered the greatest hockey game, NHL 94. But I need some help, please. I cannot find the controls for the game. I know B is pass and A is shoot. But what about defensive controls? Hooking? That sort of thing. Please, if someone can help me with a list, I would really be thankful. Hope to hear from someone. Later.