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  1. I couldnt disagree more. I took my system down to my parents house over Christmas and once I hooked it up, the system did not turn off for 10 hours straight. By the time I left my parents, who NEVER play video games bought a second system that I had picked up to sell to whoever wanted it. Not only that but my sister and family are currenly looking for one. Basically anyone that has played the system has wanted it.
  2. Which Wii sports game do you like the best? Bowling is by far my favorite. Worth the price of the system alone just for that game. Soo far I've bowled over 100 games.
  3. If anyone has had the chance to pick up a Wii, I would highly recommend it. I thought I would wait to see if any of the virtual console games would be playable online, but I played 2 games of wii sports bowling on a store demo unit and was hooked (pardon the pun). Most fun I've had playing games since the NHL series on the genesis. A friend of mine came over and played it and said "Looks like I might have a new all time favorite game." Hopefully the classics will be playable online.
  4. I did an old NHL 95 hack Havent touched it in a few years though.
  5. My one and only attempt a few years back, before my life got too busy. I dont think there are any graphics updates on it, but I tried to make the gameplay even faster on the turbo edition.
  6. Im back from the dead! Thought I would bump this since the Wii ( ) is coming out in about a month. Supposedly 30 games for the Genesis will be avaliable from the start with more to come. No word on if any of them will be playable online. Does sound like EA will release some of its games to the Wii, so we have hope
  7. I read somewhere recently that Nintendo wants developers to offer new 16 bit games on the revolution. Games like Tetris and even the NHL series are just as good and are far less expensive to produce. I wonder if EA would take NHL 9x and offer a few tweaks and give us NHL 2006 genesis style.
  8. A lot of Genesis games are supposed to be available thanks to a deal nintendo cut with sega. I wonder if NHL 9x will be one of the games that you can download, and if so, if these games will be playable online. If so it would be a lot easier to get leagues going for all the different versions
  9. wboy is like our very own professor frink from the simpsons. Im glad someone has the patience to do all this. I started out with the same curiosity but burned out quickly. Long live wboy!
  10. I read on another message board that you cant play 94 online, just 06
  11. Quicker around the net. Seems to be more injuries to since everyone is going faster
  12. I did this a while back and thought I would stick with it, but with the lock out, work and my other hobbies I dont know if that will happen. I did fix the broken links so you can download my update to 2002. I also did a turbo update to where I gave everyone an agility boost. Enjoy
  13. joetberry

    Manual Goalies

    LOL hang in there Goose. If I am playing the computer I never take control of the goalie, they dont really do to many moves other than the one timer which I couldnt stop any better than the computer anyway. However, if I am playing a person I take the goalie only when I think the player is going to score if I dont take him. Mainly breakaways and when a guy is wide open in front of the net and the guy with the puck is off near the circles.
  14. I'm glad you came back for one more year Stevie Y. Every young player in any sport should watch you to see how to become not only a player, but a leader.
  15. Goose! I see you found your way over to this board. I lost your site for a while but I found it again and still keep up with your tournaments.