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  1. with the 3rd selection of the 2020 summer classic gens b east draft, aepurniet selects Boston
  2. DET 6 - NYR 5 (OT) NYR 5 - DET 2
  3. completed my move and everything is all set up. sorry for being so incommunicado. im available all day most weekdays.
  4. second round? thats crazy, just play your games. like i said before, waiting is not gonna help you (for those think it will). play your games, unless your in mexico right now, in which case colour me jealous. if you are not in mexico, than i believe that a solid three weeks is enough to get you pumped enough to play, or at least play a series. There are a lot of people watching these championships just to see who wins, and excited to start the next season. its unfair to just stall. you bastard (unless your in [insert tropical country name here]), aepurniet
  5. finally got over my heartbreak an d am able to post about the gens wales conference semis. HFD was definately not favored against boston (especially since boston is my favorite team in the game, and they took the regular season matchup). hartford was clearly over powered in the semis, they had a decent season and a promising playoff run. boston was too strong. their offense was able to peirce the otherwise very strong harford last third. offense for hartford looked promising the whole series but they were not able to convert posessions into serious scoring opportunities. the coach after being down 2-1 believed in them, and even after 3-1 thought they had a chance, but no excuses, boston simply over matched them. last game was a heart breaker and a synopsis of the whole series. they (HFD) just came up short. i would wish best of luck to BOS the rest of the way, but it looks like PHI took them out in a very close series. everyone else, lets get on with it, what are you waiting for!?!? lets wrap it up, waiting aint gonna make you any better. dont remeber anyone in the regular season waiting this long for a game. unless your on a vacation in which case i dont mean to call you a wuss, otherwise....
  6. 40 teams? does this mean they will repeat? i vote for two leagues 20+ teams each (for each system). we could have relegation / promotion. there will be less blowouts, and newer players can focus on playing people with similar skill levels. (though most players here are really good). dont know if the maintenace of 2x the leagues will offset the benefits. but awol players will only affect half the people instead of all. please keep us posted on the new plans, i know you cant please everybody, and its not a democracy. but it would be interesting to hear what other people say about the plans.
  7. well the important part is fixed, well see if it happens to someone else. if it happens to me again, case closed.
  8. no disrespect over your prediction skills, and at the risk of jinxing my own series, you are way off base about nyi. he's a great player, and we are having a tough series, but i dont see why the whale wont prevail. uhh.
  9. no way, its cool that you are one team throughout, and a MTL vs MTL game is about as exciting as an enema. there should be no team repeats in the league, and each player stays with teh same team. is there is too many peeps, make two leagues with relegation adn promotion. fair division of teams is a question, they should be redistributed somehow.
  10. there was a scoring error on the playoff page, i thought i put 6-4 hfd over nyi, but the pages reads something different after posting. either there is a bug or im a spaz (i was home team too). btw these were great games, 3 games in over time, one went to two overtimes. all really close. first two games were all one goal games throughout the game. third game hfd blew a 2 goal lead in the third, nyi scores two late and then the over time winner for a dramatic finish, but a heartbreaker for the whale. 4th game was a sloppy affair by hfd, giving up two goals on goalie brainfarts, but they managed to pull it out in the end. zalapski had a slapper hattrick, and burke has been playing outstanding (besides some errant passing), some one must have tipped him off its playoff time.
  11. can we reowrk this FF, vs DNP system? It has good intentions, but im getting DNPs, while my division mates are getting wins. Normally the system is good, cause you can find if one team has been avoiding a game, and you know who to penalize vs reward. But when one team is never online at all (gens QUE), its not really fair to give some of that teams oponnents wins, and the others DNPs. I never posted in the schedule a game, cause it looked like the coach just quit. I actaully dont care, (that much about it) but it might change the standinds.
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