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  1. thanks to the boys who run the league, well done again
  2. my AIM which i just got is
  3. AIM is that AOL messenger? it asked me earlier on the registration but i thought that meant my NHL94 Handle, i could get one if its needed.
  4. hey guys, i need to get a test game done, i'll try to be available from 6 PM to 12 PM Atlantic Standard Time, Do i need an AIM for this, i wanna get into the SNES league this spring. I have my emulator and i play against the computer but that is getting boring want some human competition. Let me know if anyone can get me started, I realize this needs to get done before the 28th. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  5. Hi everyone, really looking forward to joining the spring league, hopefully i make the "cut"...
  6. aim: tommy timezone: altantic Team preference list: 1.CHI 2.PIT 3.VAN 4.MON 5.LA 6.BUF 7.PHI 8.DET 9.QUE 10.BOS 11.NYR 12.NJ 13.STL 14.NYI 15.WAS 16.HFD 17.TOR 18.ANA 19.FLA 20.EDM I'm New and really excited about this, gonna need some help to make sure i know how this all works. NHL 94 was my favorite game period. Me and my buddies played it 24/7 for years.