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  1. Looking to play remaining teams (DET, CHI, NJ,VAN, HFD and WSH) let me know each of the remaining teams availability so these games can be completed.
  2. Looking to play remaining teams (DET, CHI, NJ, LA, TOR,VAN) let me know each of the remaining teams availability so these games can be completed.
  3. Hey Shaftman, I don't know why your trying to portray yourself as a superstar, especially when you don't reply and continue to ignore my league games requests. If I'm not mistaken, it was you that logged out as soon as you saw me log in the other day, that doesn't sound like a person who wants to finish their season.
  4. Hey Dangler, I have been looking forward in playing my games as well, my availability during the week is at 8pm central. I was online last week and you were no where to be seen, it also seems that nobody wanted to play any league games, I message shaftman, which he didnt reply, a month ago I messaged toxic and he refused to play me because he got all sensitive, last week I messaged auggiemike and he didnt reply either, I will try to log in, so we can complete the remaining games
  5. Looking to complete my games, my availability is from 8pm- 10 pm (Central Time) Weekdays and Weekends.
  6. Where is FPB? Let me know when is a good time to get the series started
  7. VAN (Marcusnhl94) Vs. NYR (prodigyof94) @NYR VAN 3 NYR 13 VAN 2 NYR 10 @VAN NYR 7 VAN 6
  8. hey Marcus, whats your screen name on aim?
  9. Wow, first the playoffs were modified, now my comments as well? It really shows how things are unbalanced
  10. Since Kudelski quit, then how come my team doesn't qualify for the playoffs? Another thing shaftman, you clearly said you contacted me, then my question to you is how can I be a "no show" if you contacted me? You really need to make up your mind on what story to tell