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  1. Evan Eldredge ...you da man !!!! You made a lot of wives and girlfriends very cranky LOL Where can we find any info on the first seasons?
  2. True dat but at the moment Angryjay is the best coach ever cause of longevity and SNES and Sega and winning with crap teams. The guy is simply amazing! Is there a kissing ass emoji?
  3. I love that this became a good thread when it took me 10x to edit the title after a fun night
  4. Plabs was referring to icestorm aka slacker ...Bahahaha
  5. Did Dmitry ever give up the seasons 1-5 stats? I can't remember which season but I'm guessing 3 or 4 I thought I had won the scoring race with Bure and in the last 3-5 games Carse stormed back and past me Think it was around 200 ish goals ,then the next season it exploded!
  6. Lolol omfg do not EVERRR let this happen !!! Very funny though And who the f was Dmitry!!!
  7. Plabax , Angryjay , Kgman , Carse , Kingraph , Uncle Seth ....
  8. You could still start this up in December , could do the draft , all the trading, setting up rules n rosters n lines,create ROM. Then let us exhi out and have fun then have the official league start January 3rd. The initial beginning stuff will take a couple weeks anyways and then people can finish up playing classic Waiting another 2 months to even start the process is kind of silly , I could be dead by then of old age lol
  9. No one should be going anywhere for Christmas! Stay the hell home! I agree with the no player retention stuff, fresh start every season.
  10. No to the 3 trade, that's fricken lame, might as well have none and take the fun out of it!!! I'd agree with goalie boosts cause I suck at manual lol
  11. That all sounds good ! thing I would add atm is to have no tolerance for slackers, try to keep a good flow going, it keeps it interesting . P.s Remember... trading is one of the great things about draft lgs but also can't get carried away like thee ol' days hahaha. 7 unlimited trades ? Cause people always use a few on the draft and then 3 to 5 after. You da man Chaos
  12. Howdy ! Wow it's been a long ass time since I've been in here ! I just read the story about NHL94 and it sparked my interest again. You guys have been busy ! Anyways I'm starting life over , I lost my lovely wife to cancer and I moved further north . Going to register for classic and start some exhis soon. I'm super sick so maybe in a couple days. What do you guys use to communicate these days?
  13. Stfu douschebag, I finished every game damn near in 2 weeks while everyone else dogfucked them out. Maybe if you worked as hard as I do you would understand.Also I can't sit around waiting for months for other guys to play their damn games. Merry hohoho fucker
  14. Ive been working 72- 84 hrs per week and have no time at all for anything . Sorry boys but I think I'm done with 94 unless I find another line of work. I've only seen my family 3 days in the past month and it won't be changing till March. Anyways hope you guys do what I've said with leagues and improve it, take care... Hokkeefan out.
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