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  1. Okay ..I thought it may be something else but if its you...no problemo
  2. Hokkee Drops Cassels and Panteleyev And Picks up Keith Acton and Marty Mcinnis
  3. Toronto Lw-Kovalenko c- Bradley rw- Bassen ld- Duschene rd- Hynes g- Richter Ea-Richer Lw-Acton c- Richer rw-Mcinnis ld-Pederson rd-Lumme
  4. Confirmed...need shooter to fill in for hull when he gets ko'd
  5. Hokkee trades damphouse and barrasso To Brutus for kovalenko and richter
  6. Pick me panteleyev,Cassels,diduck
  7. Ahhh its a fair trade I guess,just sucks kingraph gets klima
  8. Raph just went to finals dumbfucks
  9. Is that trade allowed cause its kingraph,the highest scorer ever for belfour for fucks sake
  10. 7.20 bassen 8.5 pederson
  11. hokkeee selects steve duschene
  12. Hokkee selects evgeny davydov
  13. Hokkee selects damphouse
  14. I know I kind for did a big circle but I need to fix drunken trade and can use other 3 pick a coming up . Hokkee trades Gretzky and 4.3 To Jagr68 for hull and 5.9
  15. hokkee trades Sundin and 5.20 to lupz for 3.22 and 4.3
  16. 3.20 and 4.5 for a 2nd and 5th?
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