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  1. If you want to play me Wilsonfest, post your AIM or hit me up on mine: thegr8199kings
  2. If you want to play, post your AIM or hit me up on mine: thegr8199kings
  3. Boston here, this year I look to do some damage with such a great team.
  4. Im going to be out of town between August 4th and 6th and dont want to be left with a crap team in the A division. Is there anyway I can leave a list to be used August 5th so I dont end up with a crap team, otherwise its going to be a major uphill battle with a bad team to win the A division. That may make me considering being in the B division with a crap team. Let me know.
  5. cross is a very good player but can only do so much against Gretzky and company. close games except game 1, when LA scored a few late. scores: game 1: 7-3 game 2: 2-1 game 3: 5-4 OT
  6. Whats the most important rating attributes for Goalies? Mainly for stopping slappers, cutting across the crease and affective position on one-timers???
  7. You have to have Gretzky in the lineup. Put him on the RW and he is unbeatable, one-timers galore to Sandstrom or Robitaille. Or just skate in from your own zone with him, deke the goalie and score. I dont understand why you say McSorley is so good, he is so slow and cant handle the puck worth crap.
  8. I know most people are working, so I thought this would be the best way to find out if anyone is avaialble during the day.
  9. Because of my lag being one of the highest in the league, Im having trouble getting to goalie control in time on most of the 3 methods I mentioned above. Everyone I play has an advantage on me right off the start because of having less lag. Like I said in my post I dont expect to be able to stop all the attempts on those maneuvers, but would like it to come down by at least half of what it is right now.
  10. I think you missed the fact I said '60% of the time.' I could live with 30%, but I think scoring a goal on average 3 out of 5 shots using these techniques is rediculous. Thus, my proposal of boosting goalie ratings so we can get to the 3 out of 10 shots range.
  11. I suggest next season editing the ROM to have ALL goalies with a MINIMUM rating of 80. I am slowly getting less interested in this game because I find all the 'good' players only have 3 ways of scoring, which work 60% of the time. 1) Slapper 2) Across the crease 3) One-timer Lets face it low rated goalies almost always let these shots in then say Roy, Belfour and Fuhr. If we bumped up the ratings of the goalies these goals wouldnt go in quite so much. Meaning there would be more competiveness across the league. This is a serious suggestion and if not taken that way, I may consider not playing next season unless I get a 'goalie' team. This is not a threat, just trying to make things more fair.
  12. This cheap goal talk is a bunch of crap! I hate it when people say you shouldnt be allowed to do 'cheap goals'. What is the definition of a 'cheap goal'? I mean if you shouldnt do this 'cheap goal', then why you allowed to do the many other 'cheap goals' in the game? Get over it, try and stop it(Manual Goalie Control or good Defense skill) or dont play the game online!
  13. Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 Just hit the Mode button and youre using D-pad over Analog. Im getting use to the Analog now, so I prefer it over D-pad eventhough I have the option. No cord, just plug into your front USB slot and away you go!
  14. I decided to get off my butt and download the editing program and did it myself. It was still easy to score, eventhough theres basically one way to get it by the goalie. The good old walk through the slot from the side of the goal. Thanks for your offer, but its good that I know the basics to editing the ROM now.
  15. Want to play the computer but its so easy, even with Ottawa. Wondering if someone has an edited ROM with one team being having the lowest OV possible.
  16. I know this is unlikely, but Id take one of the crappy ones for a second team. But I do understand if you only want one team per user. Thought Id put it out there.
  17. When I was a kid, use to play with Penalties On, with off-sides and line changes on. Makes the game most strategic and prevents opponents from 'touchdown' passes, so allows defense to be managable in the game. You already have to put up with the horrible defensive AI in the game and it just adds insult to injury without off-sides. As for line changes, Tick made the best points about why its good to have them on. So I dont need to say much more about it.
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