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  1. Im sure everyone noticed that even when you play WITHOUT offsides that the AI reacts as if its still on. Simply put, the game doesnt really understand the concept of offsides on or off.
  2. I just dont like adding 10 minutes to each game I play
  3. I have to concur with matt... Off-sides do suck in this game.
  4. Game 1: Edm 2-1 Game 2: Edm 4-3 Game 3: NYR 6-4 Game 4: NYR 5-4 Game 5: NYR 5-4 OT Game 6: NYR 5-1 Ice had great goaltending the first two games as he was outshot every game but Game 5 in this series. I thought the home team was going to win every game of this series after the second period of Game 5, but Rangers get 3 goals in the 3rd and one early in OT to take a 3-2 series lead. Notes: Gartner scores 3 SH goals in 32 seconds of the 3rd in Game 3, which is probally the turning point of the series. Gartner also gets 14 goals, 8 assists in 6 games and had 13 g, 6 a in the last four games. McSorley had 9 hits in Game 4 and 7 in Game 6, in which he wasnt nocked down once. ggs, Ice
  5. The other easy solution to having no quick keys is Right Clicking on your mouse while in Full Screen to access the Kega Menu.
  6. matt, you just dont have your settings correct with Kega if youre having that many problems. Ice and I have had MANY smooth games, but at that time of day on either Kega or Gens(being unplayable), the connection isnt the same.
  7. Not true Bo, Ive tested it. Kega can withstand a bad connection to make it playable, while Gens will just continuously be choppy or desynch. And it isnt a fiasco, Kega without a doubt has a better online connection.
  8. Definetly playable, would of been much worse with Gens.
  9. ggs, too bad it was a bit choppy. could of been a tighter series. I know we both had some issues with it, as the series went on.
  10. Ice and I chatted and we are going to try and play the series before the deadline. But, if we cant Friday FOR SURE. All we ask is for an extention. If not, Im willing to hand the series to Ice.
  11. matt, why do you assume I havent been available? just because I cant play 24/7 doesnt mean Im not available. any how, we will get this series in before the deadline, but thanks for the vote of confidence matt
  12. Im thinking likely Saturday or Sunday afternoon right now. Tonight I have hockey and a Moose game Friday night. Saturday I MAY be going to work at a friends house and also MAY be going to a Moose game that night as well. Sunday evening Im busy, but shouldnt be the rest of the day.
  13. Nice job getting it done guys. I know you two have had issues in the past.
  14. I suggest everyone at least try Kega because once you compare it to Client(Server) on Gens you wont use kaillera again.
  15. If theres anyone new out there that hasnt tried Kega yet, Id be willing to help get you setup if youre having troubles anytime. Just send me a message on AIM, even if my status is set to Away. AIM is thegr8199kings
  16. np, for the help. the networks we use are nhl94p2p, password:monkeytime and blitz94, password:blitz94
  17. Ice, I think your response is off topic and to lighten the mood, but the fact is when hokkee says 'use whats best for you', its a 50/50 thing when the other player refuses to use it. And thats both for people that prefer Kega(ex: myself) and the others that prefer Gens(ex: matt).
  18. With this quote by you matt... And this one... I think you are getting defensive when you say its a weak assertion AND subjective, when MANY people have had the same experience and Im pretty sure they know the difference between smooth and choppy. Dont assume people dont know the difference. I never said Kega is perfect, just a much better Emulator when playing online
  19. Im sure someone here can find the proof that each Gens player doesnt get the 'same' experience. Until then matt, I think youre just trying to find excuses to make you 'think' Gens plays better online then Kega. I do realize that some players get a smoother experience then others, depending on location.
  20. By chatting with my fellow coaches about how choppy my game was and being replied with "It was smooth for me", on various occasions.
  21. Gens obviously doesnt work for me. matt, youre still avoiding the fact that Gens favours one side of the connection, giving an advantage to the smoother side.
  22. Kega doesnt favour one side of the connection for one. To this point I havent had a game dsynch on me after the start of a game. matt, your hamachi theory is wrong because I played both Ensuing and kgman with it and Gens P2P and still got dsynched.
  23. How would you suggest I address the problem???
  24. If anyone here thinks Kega dsynches alot, its usually either because of both players going Full Screen at the same time OR the latency isnt set correctly.
  25. For the second time in a week, Ive had a game dsynch on me when using Gens P2P and not have the same score as my opponent. I didnt want to fight with kg, so I gave him the game 3-2, but mine showed 3-3. I refuse to use Gens anymore, so if you cant use Kega, I will forfeit my games for the rest of the season and playoffs. I will also not be back for GDL6, if Gens is used since Im having too many problems with it. If someone wants to make a league where Kega is mandatory I will join it, until then goodbye. Note: kg, when I saved it was 3-3 on my screen so I cant upload the game 3-2, so we will have to replay it.
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