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  1. Team: Hfd Whalers First Line G - Tim Cheveldae LD - Phil Housley RD - Fredrick Olausson LW - Joe Juneau C - Mark Recchi RW - alexei Zhamnov X - Peter STatsny Second Line G - andre racicot LD - Jeff norton RD - paul cavalini LW - John maclean C - Peter Statsny RW - bob carpenter X - mark recchi
  2. Let me correct you - Richards was their "captain". Listening to Philly sports radio all I hear about is how he can't lead and guys look up to Pronger instead. Most of the radio heads on the air were hoping they'd trade Richards and not Carter... but well shoot. This could be good for Philly in the long term, but it probably hurts their chances at a cup for next year. ... Jagr's coming back
  3. If I was in town that weekend I'd definitely go. I am a little bitter I won't be, it looks like it will be fun.
  4. just got in... was out since Friday morning. Anyone else taken off guard by the lack of rapturing? Pick is made.
  5. I've been hurting to get online the past week and a half... and this week is looking bad too. I will be on for a little tonight (Monday)... I might be on after 9pm Wednesday... and there is a good chance I'll be around this weekend. Sorry for the shoddy availability.
  6. if we change OT time or OTL's.. then we can't call it classic anymore
  7. This list is spot on here... 1 title per system, keeping it real. I purchased a SNES at a garage sale 3 years ago... never grew up with one, I was a Genesis guy. The titles that I've been playing on the SNES that hold up real well are Yoshi's Island and Mario Kart. I'd love to hear about some classic SNES games I should look to pick up.
  8. when you are on a man advantage, you do not get a +1 for scoring a goal
  9. this is why KGman is champ of all
  10. LD Nik Lidstrom RD Ray Borque LW Esa Tikkanen C Steve Yzerman RW: Jimmy Carson G: Vernon X: Jagr LD:Blake RD: Niedermeyer LW: Amonte C: Jagr RW Petrovicky G2: Wregget
  11. still an upgrade over the logitech i had.... maybe that's why i blew the 1st round in the blitz playoffs?
  12. I had a logitech controller where the d-pad gave me issues with the diagonal movement... when I upgraded to the xbox 360 controller it was like a whole new world. I doubt it is his usb port.... he probably just needs a better controller
  13. is that chick in your avatar up for free agency? What does the bidding start at?
  14. trading: Tony Amonte and the PGH franchise to Houlanov receiving: Theo Fleury and the NYR franchise
  15. 11.10 Scott Niedermeyer (hopefully not taken yet)
  16. 9.10 Jaromir Jagr (I couldn't find anyone who had him.. wow)
  17. I still have like 50 minutes until my time... but this is the only time at work I can post. 8.13 Rob Blake (if still available at my time) if not, I will take the d-guy with the highest available rating
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