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  1. I might consider it if it were ice hockey... street hockey isn't real hockey, it's like soccer with sticks.
  2. Maybe we should all spend our time more constructively and teach bitches to dance
  3. I'm good for whatever league hokkee is in for sure. I think we are most evenly matched... and there are years of evidence from prior leagues to back that up. And we are always the first ones done with our games:)
  4. aim: MattHurray league: A or B... haven't played a lick since the last Blitz league ended
  5. I thought you were going to announce you were going to be a daddy ... I guess this is on the same level
  6. He indicated it would be a free league.... although I would not be opposed to a money league. I also would suggest a live draft... it gives everyone a better emotional connection to their team
  7. I'm interested fantasysports.yahoo.com is a great site to do this btw
  8. So defensive skills are something that should not be paid for?
  9. Too bad they were not eligible for the award. People who watch Crosby know he is a beast and doesn't have an off button. In addition to being a relentless worker and leading by example(best in the league at working the boards), he has the burden of being the face of the league and handles it with class. You don't see a Crosby interview where he is complaining about the refs or badmouthing an opponent. People who say he whines heard something about him from 3 years ago and should probably jump on the soccer bandwagon for now. Well deserved win for the Kid!
  10. This is awesome man. The leaps that were made back in the day from 8 bit to 16 bit to 32 bit were mind staggering. Playing the Madden games for the Genesis was a big past time for me and my friends, and when we saw the screen shots in gaming magazines of the next generation of Madden games on the original PlayStation with polygons and what not made us feel like we just landed on the moon. Will we ever have that jump again? I feel the jump from PS2 to PS3 was great.. but it didn't just blow people away like the old days. Maybe I'm being nostalgic:)
  11. So I had to look it up percentage of obesity among adult population: Canada - 23% USA- 33% if the fatties in Canada don't go to Tim Hortons, where do they go?
  12. If you are talking to Wags, PM him. You posted on the forum for all people to read. Your words - "if ice doesn't occur naturally, you don't deserve the sport." It's a pretty simple analogy. and does Pittsburgh represent more NHL94 players than any other location here? (if you live like 3 hours away from Montreal... you don't live in Montreal)
  13. 1. Walk into a Tim Horton's, look me in the eye and tell me Canada is not also fat 2. If water does not naturally occur in your icy environment, do you not deserve to drink it? Canadian pride and passion for hockey is clearly greater than that in the United States, but it is difficult to appreciate your elitism to think that the NHL doesn't need the American market. I play hockey 3 nights a week (with a job... that might make me different than most), so I find it difficult to believe I cannot understand your passion for it because of my geographic location.
  14. Can't argue with the truth.... except Pixburghers eat Primanti's.
  15. Some even-keeled responses: 1. I would enjoy the NHL more if there were more Canadian teams. So I agree with you there, but; 2. example as to why the NHL is as it is: Hamilton metro: pop 700,000. Phoenix metro: population 4,300,000. Phoenix per capita certainly is not as hockey crazy as Hamilton, but only 1/6th as many people need to care to make it as viable as Hamilton. From a business perspective, Phoenix wins. 3. To categorize everyone in Texas as a redneck who knows nothing about hockey is somewhat bigoted. There are passionate fans down there, though not as many as in Canada. But the sheer volume of people in Texas makes the revenue from merchandise and TV licensing more alluring to a potential buyer of a team. So whether they can tell you who Maurice Richard is or not.... when money talks, people listen. my suggestion: mod the 94 ROM so that there are no southern teams. That'll teach those brainless slack jaws!
  16. A Russian player is the reason why the Pens won 2 nights ago.
  17. A lot of people feel the way you do, and it feels ignorant to me. An NHL franchise is a business, and your basis for a team "deserving" a franchise is that it is cold. More people per capita in locations like Hartford may understand the game of hockey than those down south, but these locations aren't big enough to support an NHL franchise. Dallas is doing a great job. Don't hate.
  18. How pissed is Gary Bettman that WSH lost? Caps - Pens games have been epic... let's hope Habs - Pens can bring that type of excitement. But I can't wait for Sidney Crosby to pad his stats during Hal Gill shifts:)
  19. +10 for Wags Is there any contest in this argument?
  20. I must be alone in seeing the resurgence of stars in today's game.
  21. hmm.. are you implying there are not tough guys that can score? see - Alex Ovechkin
  22. I grew up with Lemieux, Yzerman, etc... I think there was a lull of stars in the early 2000s (also maybe had something to do with low-scoring clutch and grab hockey), but I think there has been a revitalization of young exciting stars. If you don't like Ovechkin or Crosby, how do you feel about some of the other young stars like Stamkos or Toews?
  23. You mean chugging beers and smoking cigars on the ice?
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