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  1. hokkee finally turns out to be the winner of a trade
  2. that was probably their third date
  3. get rid of the headaches he gets when he isn't trading
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins G- Potvin 1st line LD- Zhitnik RD- Manson LW- Thomas C- Fleury RW- Damphousse X- Clark 2nd line LD- Kasatonov RD- Johansson LW- Ruzicka C-Clark RW- Carpenter X- Fleury G- Healy
  5. Team: Pittsburgh Aim: sonoffett87 F - Theo Fleury F - Vincent Damphousse F - Steve Thomas F - Wendell Clark F - Bob Carpenter F - Vlad Ruzicka D - Alexei Zhitnik D - Dave Manson D - Calle Johansson D - Alexei Kasatonov G - Felix Potvin G - Glen Healy
  6. pit takes glen healy thanks RWD for the catch on my mistake
  7. pit will take vlad ruzicka - hoping not an issue, I am rushing to get out right nwo
  8. pit takes alexei kasatonov
  9. pit takes bob carpenter
  10. Very sleuthy.... I am curious where data like this for all NHL teams can be seen, instead of random blogs around the internet? It would be imprudent to make your statements based only on the Coyotes, when similar data may exist for the Jets in their last year. to extend this argument, paid tickets do not represent total income. TV attendance is a big part of it, and is a reason why TruePenFans wish of the Dakotas or Maine getting a hockey team will never happen. Everyone has a peachy view of Quebec and Winnipeg packing arenas and being profitable, but if that were the case why did the owners bail? I would discredit your argument that people won't come if you are taking away a franchise, I would think people would come to get a last chance to see them. Tit for tat:)
  11. pit takes steve thomas
  12. I am already liking this conversation. I just decided to supply people with logic when it comes to the discussion of what city "deserves" an NHL team in the event that Phoenix or Atlanta (or any team in Florida?) relocates. The numbers don't support the 3 locations you've cited.. I apologize for my delusions. I'd love to continue this conversation in an educated manner, as I feel it lends itself to such a conversation.
  13. truth: let it go man. There is a reason those locations don't have franchises right now. It makes more sense for Toronto to have a 2nd team than any of those 3 locations to have a team.
  14. some truth for you: Whalers attendance last 3 years of existence: 11,822 11,967 13,680 Hurricanes attendance last 3 years: 17,386 16,663 16,572 Oh... but there's more: Jet's attendance last 3 years of existence: 13,297 13,013 11,316 Coyotes attendance last 3 years: 14,988 14,820 14,875 I don't even need to do Quebec and Colorado. I think people have a rosy vision of the past when they claim Winnipeg, Hartford, and Quebec "deserve" NHL teams. It seems these Southern teams are doing a better job of attracting fans. Putting a team in Maine or the Dakotas is business suicide. Just because a place is cold doesn't mean it can better handle a pro sports franchise. I hope you are ready to discuss now:) statistics from http://www.andrewsstarspage.com/index.php/..._90/118-2008-09
  15. "deserves" Kind of how people say the Saints deserve a Super Bowl title. I am not sure any city is deserving of anything in pro sports, but rather it is earned. Winnipeg lost it's team to Phoenix..... discuss
  16. pit will select Dave Manson
  17. Pit selects Vincent Damphousse
  18. The Devils just made their stamp for a run towards the Stanley Cup. As a Penguins fan, let me be the first to say.... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....
  19. Pit will take Alexei Zhitnik
  20. PIT will take Felix Potvin
  21. sonoffett87 will pick Theo Fleury
  22. returning... going to switch name permanently to sonoffett87 soon
  23. update: old people like yourself have been replaced with spunky teenagers. Be aware of that. And unlike in Hispanic culture where the old are appreciated and revered, these youth are just waiting to ship us off to the old-folks home with a Coleco to forget about us. Hit me up for a game! Happy New Years!
  24. Having played both, I would say that I prefer Gens. My guess is most coaches do, thus killing the Kega fad. I agree that there are times the Gens emulator seems to speed up the game play, but I just as frequently had issues with Kega slowing it down. The connection is a wash between the two in my experience. Ultimately, I prefer the full screen of Gens (no stretching) and I found my controls to be a little tighter in the Gens, thus my preference. I am just throwing my 2 cents in there in case you are interested Habs (and other Kega supporters). We can split our season between Kega and Gens if you would like. Or if Kega works out fine, we can just stick with that.
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