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  1. you must be a statistician, quoting numbers like 3000 and all
  2. Well Wags' initial point was that Hal Gil is slow and not worth 2.2 mil. It is true. Bad pickup for the Habs. And you make a nice point comparing the Habs wingers to the Pens... but who do the Habs have up the middle? (really.. I have no clue.)
  3. You have avoided a gaff more momentous than the Florida Chad-gate episode of the 2000 election. Thank you. And I assumed the pronoun "you" meant "clockwise". Therefore the answer would be "no".
  4. why is there no option for "two"? i am not voting. this system is broken
  5. Yes, please forward my Norris Trophy to the nearest orphanage. Smoz and I had some desynch issues during our games last night, and 2 of the uploads were partial save states.
  6. credibility ruined. Judging from your first post, you weren't aware Wayne Gretzky played in Edmonton.
  7. Did you just ruin any credibility you ever had?
  8. Team: Boston Bruins First Line G - Darren Puppa LD - Gord Murphy RD - Alexei Gusarov LW - Mike Gartner C - Kirk Muller RW - Owen Nolen X - Jari Kurri Second Line G - (need one to replace Paul Cavalleni who is not a G... Frank Pietrngelo works if available) LD - Jiri Slegr RD - Sylvain Cote LW - Joe Juneau C - Jari Kurri RW - John MacLean X - Mike Gartner
  9. Boston G - Daren Puppa G - D - Gord Murphy D - Alexei Gusarov D - D - F - Mike Gartner F - Kirk Muller F - Owen Nolan F - Jari Kurri F - F -
  10. What were the 5+ leagues? Of those leagues - how many were successful? It is my perception that these leagues fizzled due to the number of flakey players that never played their games. That isn't an example of "the glory days". My guess is your frustration is because you perceive you aren't playing as many games as you used to be. There are a few reasons for the dropoff: 1. The absense of Dmitry for the GENS Draft League prevented the start of that league 2. The summer season begins a time of a lot of people taking a break from games (this has been known for a year or 2 now) Saying there are 3 leagues "at most" also seems to be a bit of a mischaracterization. FDL, Blitz, NHL91, Classic, Summit Series, O'Conner Cup -- these are all leagues that seem to have been playing as of recent. If you feel more players are needed - then spearhead the recruiting. I think that would be awesome. But I also think that your perception that this community is in a nosedive is not very well thought out.
  11. There are a number of posts above that go into detail and support their claims with reasoning. What do you mean by "decline"? Do you find yourself typically defeating your opponents by 10 goals?
  12. 1. It has been a hot issue in the past about running up scores. General consensus - in leagues where stats are tracked, play to the best of your ability. Some guys are nice and won't run up the score though. 2. It seems good players might've had their share of losses, but not for an extended period of time. They learned quickly. One season in a league of a lot of losses is understandable for a rookie... but if it drags on into 2, or even 3 series.... it is not looking good (example given: ScottStevensIsGod) 3. Great Idea by DGB for Evan - why not just post links to all active leagues on the nhl94.com website? Have nice little banners that users can navigate with.
  13. I would consider myself "old guard", and I agree with you on all accounts, Wags. We've had plenty of new comers, and a lot have been sticking around. HABS - how many top notch players can you name that are no longer around? Is it a significant number considering the number of active players we have in leagues right now? Although a lot of people will agree the level of talent in the past might have seemed higher, I think that this perspective is jaded. All of us have improved since then.... so in relation, a top-notch player then might only seem like a "really good" player now. Don't let this stop you from bringing in new players though...
  14. My assumption going into the playoffs is that I'd cut through them like butter until I met up with hokkee, my NHL94 bizzaro self. I got put in my place playing Gihtarman - not only was he scoring on me with no problem, but he was limiting my offense at the same time! 1st game - Bos wins 5-3, but it is probably one of the very few times this season I was out shot.. and he doubled me! 2nd game - Van wins 4-1 no problem... I'm in for a hard series. 3rd game - Bos wins 4-1, Puppa stands on head to make his 61 rating seem like a 91. He is also dyslexic. 4th game - the crushing of one's morale - the game essentially was a back and forth goal fest... tied 8-8 in overtime , Stephane Richer hits the OT winner to essentially ice the series for Bos 5th game- Bos wins 6-3 gg's Gihtarman. You definitely have got tons of skill, and props to being a great GM too drafting an awesome team
  15. I am curious about the reasoning here: We can start ASAP - because Dmitry is around to upload the schedule? If so, then I say we do. I do not want to start if we do not have access to uploading games. Also, do you want to wait until fall because you anticipate a dropoff in games played? So far it looks like a decent number of people say they are good.
  16. Sorry for the hold up - Rage and I just got our games in. Boston wins in 4. 3rd game should've gone to Calgary, but about 16 post hits in overtime prevented that. Thanks to Rage for being patient with my internet, it was pretty crappy on Saturday.
  17. playing ok for a long time doesn't make you a HOFer.
  18. Good post RWD, it' some sense in a sea of insanity. I think that people are a bit too quick to pull the trigger on someone if they aren't a stud right away. Marc-Andre Fleury was worse than Carey Price at this point in his career. It takes most players some years under their belt before they flourish. Price has showed the signs that he will be elite in the future. Hopefully Habs fans aren't too short-sided to see that, they are some of the smartest hockey fans in the NHL.
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