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  1. My community is local nowadays. We live in Jyväskylä and play ´94 about once a week.
  2. How about Canada Cup ´94? International teams with all the best players from original 94-game with the original skills. This Rom we like to play tournaments with our small finnish community. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11326-canada-cup-1994-final-release/
  3. Anniversary mode was a disappointment. But interesting news for NHL14-gamers. Classic NHL View is finally out for NHL14. Now you can make your own rosters easily. http://www.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-nhl-rosters/674851-nhlview-finally-out.html I really want to see real NHL94-rosters in NHL14! Now it is possible Maybe this guy does it? http://www.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-nhl-rosters/675190-nhl-14-historic-rosters.html Or maybe someone else...
  4. The big games are coming again this season. Who will do the rom? I can help, but I think this time I don´t have time to do it myself.
  5. corky

    True 94

    This would be nice. For years I have planned to do this rom. . Maybe 5 times started, Never done it
  6. This is what I have been thinking. 1. Excactly the orginal gameplay 2. Same sound/graphics 3. They don´t have rights to use original 94 rosters anymore, so there has to be "roster share". Users can create any rosters they want and share them, like they do with FIFA for example. So there can be 94 rosters and Internation Canada Cup rosters etc... 4. Tournaments, Leagues, Cups, Playoffs, you name it. Everything possible included. Even Be a Pro. Online and Offline. It would be fantastic! I am sure that all this would be quite cheap to create. Game itself already exist. 5€ from Xboxlive, Steam or PS Store.
  7. Kega 3.51 is the best emulator! New versions are not so good.
  8. corky

    NOSE 1.2b download

    Nose is the best! Using it 3-5 days a week.
  9. Hello! Im sorry did not want to take credit from anyone. I am very very sorry. I just like to edit and make rosters nice, but Im not so good and interested in other editing, like graphics. This rom is not ready yet, so I did not mention any credits yet. This classic rom is something I like to update with time... But once again, I am sorry and did not mean anything, I just wanted people get interested and maybe to help me? I should mention where I got the original rom. It is from nhl94.com. And still if someone wants to edit or help, be my guest. I attached the latest version. And swos Thanks for the original rom! SMLiigaclassic23edited.bin
  10. How about something like NHL 94 end of the season version? Like Pronger to Hartford, Brodeur to NJ, Daigle to Ottawwa etc..., Updated new teams like Mighty Ducks. No doubles like Vanbies, Bawa, Herbert.... I would like that. And what comes to white ice, it really hurts my eyes.
  11. Why there is like Ryan, Sexton, Hiller etc in Anaheim 07 roster? Where is Andy MacDonald? There is still plenty of work left on this rom. But keep on working! It will be nice. http://www.slapshot67.com/nhl94/gt.html Slapshot has also ROM like this.
  12. Player ratings are the same as in the original game. No weight bug included. And I also added lots of other players to the teams.
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