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  1. One problem that I have noticed is that if I put in a 4th line during the game, to give the team 18 skaters per game, the program doesn't accurately tally GP for every player. If that can be fixed then it would be perfect, else it's no big deal.
  2. Rosey's game. Sea Bass has been nowhere to be found when fisticuffs break out. He's too busy poaching up ice. You're sick if you enjoy beating up 160 lb Don Sweeney. Sick I tell you.
  3. This is the coolest thing tied to a video game that I have ever seen.
  4. I'll reserve this spot right here just so everyone can see what my aim is. Also, I'd like to scrimmage a couple of games - 1 home, 1 away - to get a feel for it. So if you see me, let me know.
  5. Same for me: aim: bingobangobongo6. NHL94 and NHLPA93 genesis version.
  6. Please. There needs to be an nhlpa '93 league. With player stats like I just saw on GDL. That would be sweet. I like nhlpa '93 more because of the fighting. I will never forget the nhl 94 manual under the list of new features: No fighting or blood. *gut punch*