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  1. Sorry, guys. Things just got too hectic at work leading up to my vacation. I usually pride myself on getting games played.
  2. Thanks. I am working so getting online to play games in the afternoons is a bit difficult during the weekdays. I'll try to get on as soon as I can tomorrow to try to catch you guys online.
  3. Quebec Phili Detroit Chicago Vancouver Winnipeg Are there any times generally better for any of these teams to play our league games? I am generally around 7-9 pacific coast time. Feel free to PM me with times that are better than others.
  4. Oooops. Both were supposed to be in CGY. Let's replay 2nd game if that's cool.
  5. EDM:0 @ CGY:5 CGY:6 @ EDM:2 good games. We'll log once EDM coach is changed. Welcome to the league.
  6. I have a similar problem in Gens-C Game 07 CGY @ Phili. I cannot change the confirm score to correct it. It should be CGY:2 @ PHI:3 . Thanks, FIXED - THANKS.
  7. Ditto. fyi... it turns out the O'Connor Cup is a lady's football trophy.
  8. I apologize in advance to my partner - I want in.
  9. Thanks, IQ. Thanks, Statto. It was a great season.
  10. CGY:3 @ WPG:2 ot CGY:1 @ WPG:5 WPG:7 @ CGY:4 WPG:1 @ CGY:2 CGY:4 @ WPG:5 WPG(nationals1/chris1knight) wins the O'Connor Cup 3-2 Good series and congratulations.
  11. WPG 5 @ CGY 6 OT WPG 2 @ CGY 0 CGY 0 @ WPG 3 CGY:2 @ WPG:3 OT WPG:6 @ CGY:3 WPG(IQ25Boogiers) wins GENS D finals 4-1 Good series. Congratulations.
  12. CGY:3 @ WPG:2 ot CGY:1 @ WPG:5 WPG:7 @ CGY:4 WPG:1 @ CGY:2 Game 5: still to be played