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  1. sorry, wasnt around this weekend. ill try to be on tuesday, wednesday this week, for most of the day. (Im TOronto
  2. yea, i agree that division alignment based on location is a good idea, the rivalries would carry on year to year even if you change team.
  3. defiantely should do 2 tiers for each game,
  4. How can no one mention the Zarley? just look at his name
  5. id switch muller and oates, for bure and roenick. And wheres Zarley? comon, just look at that name
  6. how can you be opposed to the wrap-around? its the easiet way to score on the computer, but the easiest shot to stop with good defense and a manual goalie
  7. If there is a draft it Has to be offline, which each player submitting there top 50 picks or whatever to evan, who conducts it offline
  8. just send me an e-mail with a day or 2 notice of what time were playing and ill come on aim
  9. i got 189 on the actual console game. But thats cause I got 355 hits and nearly 100 goals. and thats without the manual goalie.
  10. definately some sort of diffrence. i can beat the computer almost 100-0 on the console, and cant break 50 on the emulation.
  11. ya, if we get enough ppl next season, you should set up division 1 and division 2, and at the end of every season the top 5 switch with the bottom 5 or something like that
  12. you should definately keep leauge records seperate, they are far more hallowed then all the rest