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  1. I am not a huge Habs fan, by any stretch. But I absolutely can't stand the Caps. Go Habs!
  2. Alright, last time I'll post in this thread for a while! Registrations are closed for this season. As of now we have 11 people for sure, likely 12. If anyone else is interested, they can go on a waiting list if someone can't play or drops out (you never know). Thanks to all who have signed up. Team draft randomized order will be posted early Saturday and the draft will take place on Saturday afternoon and hopefully completed by no later than Sunday night.
  3. Team Draft will be held later this week, probably Thursday or Friday. Just bumping this up for any more entries... currently have 8 members.
  4. I have to agree, at least on some levels. Maybe it's just cause when you get older everything is fonder from your growing up and child hood. But I find myself saying "Man, I miss so-and-so" many times when I'm watching todays NHL... or even sports in general.
  5. If you're interested in joining, go ahead and sign up on this forum: And post in the NHL 94 section up top in the "Sign-Up" thread. As long as you got your P2P and/or Hamachi setup going, you can play. We are just drafting a set, regular team. EDIT: Saw you were having computer problems or something? Try to fix those up before playing, I'd suggest.
  6. Would be nice if they did the same for NHL 94 in the future... although I'd probably never leave my room, haha. As an avid TSB fan and player, I'm pretty pumped about the Tecmo Bowl Throwback coming out. I wish it would have been the NES version instead of the SNES version, though. Oh well... beggars can't be choosers!
  7. The Iafrate one never gets old. Also adds in the lulz because he was my dads roommate in Toronto.
  8. Thanks. PM sent! Also, if people sign up on the forums and are interested... please post in the sign-up thread.
  9. I'd have to give it to Myers. My boy MDZ was leading early on, but he hit the rookie wall pretty hard.
  10. Hey everyone, Been around a while on the forums... these forums inspired me to make my own site a few summers ago, and I did: We're about to start up our 3rd NHL 94 (GENS) league (previous leagues were fantasy drafts) and we need about 3-5 more people to reach the desired 8-10 team area. It's just going to be a basic league. The regular ROM. Draft a team that's set (ex: Penguins), give me what line combos you want, etc. We're gonna use that nifty Sega Genesis stat extractor that was posted on here to generate a quick website to go along with our forums. The workload will be about 3 games per week. So if you're interested and reliable, feel free to PM me on here and sign up on the forums (the forums require member validation). Our skill range of the people in the league ranges from below average to good. I wouldn't say anyone is amazing, since TSB is our main squeeze. Sorry if this is spamming... but I don't know where else to ask! EDIT: BTW, specifics have yet to be finalized. But probably 5 min periods, line changes, penalties and no offsides.
  11. EDIT: Oops, wrong game! Interesting read, though.
  12. - Reebok: NYR, Jaromir Jagr, Blue, Captain "C" - Reebok: NYR, Jaromir Jagr, White, Captain "C" - Reebok: NYR, Colton Orr, Blue - Starter: NYR, Wayne Gretzky, Blue - CCM: VAN, Markus Naslund, Dark Blue