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  1. seriously, do people think that talking trash will get things accomplished? p.s. Mack, if things do progress and you kick out the old school jams... could you do me a favor? go ahead and nix Avery from the Stars. that'd be greeeeeeaaat.
  2. Hey Mack! i'm hoping this new kickass hack will be in SNES form as well? too much to ask? had to ask (as i had serious issues with playoffs with the GENS version). CAN'T WAIT!!!
  3. hahahahahahahaha from the MAN himself! it's cool. i dig the genesis hacks you've created, it's just too bad i'm not a PC user (i never thought i'd EVER say that).
  4. Yes, this issue only arrives when i'm in the playoffs. After game 1, it takes me back to the main menu and the "continue playoffs" section. the teams are set at Anaheim vs Anaheim. if you toggle to the right or left and then back you'll find your team and their opponent. after starting up the game and you're at the first face off circle, hitting any button (not D pad) you'll be taken back to the main menu, as if what you started was a game demo. i have no idea what's up with all that. i've been playing Genesis ROMs on my Mac for a while. I use the Genesis Plus v1.2.8. The options and g
  5. is anyone using the Genesis Plus v1.2.8 on a Mac because when i use the Mack's Hack 07 for Gens i got a serious issue: playing playoffs/7 game after 1st game i try and continue playoffs and i get Anaheim vs Anaheim. then at the face off, i push a direction button and it sends me back to the main menu. this is frustrating. HOWEVER, i'm very stoked that NHL94 has current rosters.