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  1. Ken Baumgartner is mysteriously a line 1 D, despite being their worst forward. Why is he starting on D? Their 2 best D-men are on their checking line. Wendel Clark(66) is on the checking line, while Mark Osborne (48) is the 2nd line LW. Like, who made those calls? Awful.
  2. Hi, I would like to join the SNES league. My AIM name is: So I can play a game vs a league admin to confirm I have the correct set-up. Thanks, Sean
  3. Winnipeg 11 @ Washington 3 Washington 2 @ Winnipeg 9
  4. Philadelphia 1 @ Washington 6 Washignton 2 @ Philadelphia 3 (OT) GG's
  5. This list below shows who trailingedge17 played. If you are 0/2, we need to play twice, so look for me. nyr - angryjay93 0/2 stl - masterof94 2/2 det - prodigyof94 2/2 win - xgrad06 0/2 van - hokkeefan2 0/2 tor - rage93 0/2 bos - drinnagh 0/2 chi - gihtarman 0/2 los - bobkudelski26 0/2 cgy - sarcdoc23 0/2 njd - ipv6freely 2/2 mtl - metzgerism 0/2 wsh - seansawx05(me) phi - pondhcky1 0/2
  6. I filled out that registration form that I didn't see before. If you guys wanted to know, my AIM screenname is "SeanSawx05" And, no, I'm not that other guy, but what made you think that? I'm interested.
  7. I've been playing this game since I was young on the SNES, and a few years ago got zSNES and had been playing vs the computer a little bit. I just recently discovered zBattle and this site, and well... I'd like to know if you guys would welcome me into a league. I'm not picky about what team I would be (ideally Boston or Calgary, since they are my two current favorite teams and they're pretty good in NHL 94) but really, I'll play as any one. I'd like to think I'm pretty decent at the game, but I haven't ventured into the multiplayer aspect much, so I might be a bit of a noob. Anyways, if anyo