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  1. I know this post is 5 years old, but if the slots still open I'll take it!
  2. I acted like a little brat and I apologize to these members. Clockwise you're an awesome guy and have done so much for the community. Your NHL 91 rom is magical and I apologize for nit picking about it. I would also like to apologize to any other members I have offended by complaining about the lack of hacks for NHLPA 93 and to Evan for disturbing the peace around here. I will try to do better in the future! Bye.
  3. I can say I watched Messier play for the Oilers and Rangers growing up and he was the modern day Gordie Howe. I'd take him over Gretzky on my team in his prime in a heartbeat. Messier Total package, and thats no dis to number 99 either just Messier was and is the man! Richter was a great american goalie from what I remember.
  4. AWESOME ROM but it wont open in NOSE!! I'm dying to make some color changes, why wont it open??
  5. It's a great hack indeed! But that circle is GOD AWFUL and really does take A LOT away from the rom. Cmon, admit it! Its bad!
  6. It wont open in NOSE!!!! Please help?????????
  7. Raygun you are an NHLPA 93 GOD!!!!!!! Do you plan on creating any retro hacks? I'd love to see something like an NHLPA 91 hack or 1980's hack!
  8. Sounds sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! One tip though: Don't fcuk up the star the way Clockwise did with his NHL 91 hack. His circle looks like garbage. Ruined the entire rom! The point is just because you CAN hack something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. What do you plan putting at Center ice?? I'd advise perhaps the new NHL logo since team logos seemingly cannot be done?? That would look SWEET!!!! EDIT: How about if Sean Avery makes Marty "Fatso" Brodeur bleed instead??
  9. OK OK how much money would it take to get this thing done? I've got the cash. I'll also pay for a 30 team NHL 92 hack with a late 90's crease and current crease.
  10. But you insulted me first! Anyway working with TLP is not easy for the average guy like me but a lot of the super-geeks with thick glasses on this forum seem to think it is. Then they put down people who don't have a clue how to use it or don't have the time and ask for help. I work for a living I don't have time to go to TLP school. If a mechanic told you to "grow a brain and fix your own car" would you like it very much? Nope. I just want to see a crease hack for NHLPA 93 before I die. Not too much to ask is it? What we really need is a good graphics editor for all 3 games. After WBOY c
  11. Anyone plan on doing one???
  12. Anyway, does anyone wanna help out? I'll do the rosters and banners if someone does the crease edits. Or we can just all sit here and keep creating "NHL 81" hacks with big blue creases on the ice. Up to you guys.
  13. RayGun, tell me the 4 digit code numbers in hex editor for one of the boxes of the trapazoid. I think I might be able to help. Or to make it easier, make a downloadable version of your incomplete rom and let me play with it in Hex editor because I think I know what has to be done to create a lower half trapazoid.
  14. Lame response, those are minor issues like MacTavish and his no-helmet. Can't even begin to compare that to playing a game with the wrong crease. MacTavish had no helmet in NHL 92 either and Iginla was still white in that game too, and that was an official release. I don't expect every detail to be perfect, just the important ones. The crease MUST be correct.
  15. The 1994 playoffs were mabye the best in the leage history, did you miss that year? 1995 (post-lockout) is when the league went to sh*t. 94 finals were the highest rated ever in league history, that was the leagues high water mark.
  16. I fail to see the point then. How do you get into a rom thats supposed to take place in 1991 and has the wrong crease? Kills the realism. Cant someone make 1 lousy rom with the right creases and then we can all make oodles of hacks? How are visuals not important? Wasnt everyone peeing their pants with excitement when the crease was finally edited for NHL 94 to the modern crease? Guess noone cares enough about 93 to do the same. And if visuals arent important whats the point of WBOYS crease edit version of 93 (which noone has utilized at all yet)?
  17. Truth hurts. In case you havent noticed there hasnt been any progression on these "hacks" in years. Mabye me rattling the cages is what it will take to get things going.
  18. I just dont see why you bothered making a 90/91 rom with a late 90's crease. But whatever I never mentioned you mabye you feel guilty.
  19. I'm not asking for a full rom, read my post again. A simple crease rom from the early 90's and 80's, I can do the rosters and banners. Too much to ask?
  20. Oh geez I knew the whiners would start moaning about my thread. My apologies if it makes you feel better. I simply do not know how to edit the crease or I'd have done it myself already. I can edit banners only at this point. Here's my beef: People who do know how to edit the crease don't wanna bother doing it. Isn't this suppose to be a community? I dont know how to do it. They are smarter than I am. Thats what they want to hear, you have to beg them to help out. And whenever someone asks for some help the answer is always "hey why dont you get off your butt and do it yourself Mr. Dummy-Lazy
  21. Awesome! If it's at all possible, could you also create an early 90's crease rom? You know, the crease from NHL 92, the game that came out before NHLPA 93? I know how to do the banners so I can do the rest and create a kick arse rom. Can you help a brotha' out???
  22. Anyone plan on doing SOMETHING? The crease can be altered now. Anyone working on an 80's crease rom? A current day crease rom? I can do the rest. Anyone?