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  1. I'm willing to run an 08 league on gens if people will join just let me know my aim sn is Huffdawg115 i'll be more then happy to run one. I call sabres!!!! Just let me know your aim sns and the teams u want and i'll work on one. thanks - Huff
  2. na dude its not the actual sig that doesnt work its the download on the site, my bad lol. i was just making sure you knew about it because if it worked more people could enjoy your work and u wouldnt have to send out so many emails haha.
  3. If anyone wants a game im me on Huffdawg115 I'm always on and will play.
  4. alright sweet, I'm not sure if u know about it or not but the link to your rom in your sig. doesnt work lol. Thanks for taking the time to email it to me though.
  5. awesome job man i'm loving this site more and more as the day goes on i just found this site earlier this afternoon. thanks for the rom and the hard work you put into it. It's really good
  6. hey man could you hook a fellow sabres fan up my email is Huffdawg786[at]