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  1. ok now i got the roms to show up in my load list, but when i click to load it, nothing happens, it just returns me to the game list
  2. for example..couldn't I go to the edited rom's section of this site, download the rom and it should load up with no problem?
  3. ok had to be more specific....I have the newest version of ZSNES and I run it on Vista...now, when the load screen comes up for my games, the hacks I download from this site don't show up, but previous games I've download (NHL 95, Ken Griffey Baseball, etc.) do...why is that? anyone know?
  4. ok I'm new here and all, NHLPA 93' and NHL 94' are by far my favorite games ever. How do I get the hacks you guys have posted on the site to work with ZNES?
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