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  1. Is the "playoffs" section on going to be updated so we can post scores in there?
  2. I'm from Pittsburgh and a Pens fan and I even think Cooke deserved the suspension. That was a reckless elbow. He's a good hockey player and I like what he brings to the Pens but he plays like a jackass. He's gotta be smarter than that!
  3. It's up to the moderators to decide. I definitely wanna take over with Boston in Gens B2 because I'm having a miserable time playing with the Whalers in A.
  4. Hm ya someone else said that too. I wonder how he edited the rosters then?
  6. NICE! But now.....who wants to update the NHL'11 rom with current rosters!!?? francini...?? ;-) Just keep the jerseys that are already on it and just update the rosters? Yes? No?
  7. Frustrating that some players with good teams are never on and then there's me who's up for playing a lot and I'm stuck with Hartford!
  8. Magoosh, I give you NHL 94/11!! The rosters are from the start of this season. It really need a roster update from the trade deadline and all the trades this season! Someone do it!!!
  9. Hahaha wow that games looks absolutely terrible. That is definitely the worst hockey game ever made hands down.
  10. Ya I never used the batter pack. I always plugged it into the wall to play.
  11. Ya I never used the batter pack. I always plugged it into the wall to play.
  12. Wow that makes me feel much better. Just gotta do better than that and i'll be ok hahaha
  13. YOU ARE CORRECT!! What was I thinking just coming back after 2 years off and playing in A with HARTFORD!? This is shaping up to be the Brett Favre of comebacks in NHL 94.
  14. 1-7 start for the poor Whalers. I can see why I'm second to last!
  15. I used to have NHL 94 on a hand held system! Did any of you guys have the SEGA NOMAD!? It was like a game gear but it played Genesis games. It was so awesome but it broke due to old age.
  16. Kovalev, just because I'm a Pens fan and I love having him back! One of my all-time favorite players.
  17. I was pretty good at NHL '11 in that EA Sports Ultimate Hockey Team mode online, where you buy player cards and build your own team. I made it all the way to #253 in the world but then I got bored.
  18. At least i'm not last!! I could make somebody really rich though!
  19. Wags: I was wondering the same thing, and I'm guessing it probably hasn't. Mav: I'm thinking if clockwise does come back to update it and maybe get it to work online, then there would definitely be interest in a league with it. There are a lot of new guys playing in Classic and a lot of people that didn't register in time that are looking for leagues to play in. This would be great over the summer!
  20. This is the latest ROM update and it is awesome!! The guy who created it has been gone for a while though, nobody has gotten a hold of him for a bit now. Hopefully he'll be around again to update the rosters from the trades made this season: As for the emulator, go to this link and scroll down and look at the bottom right, there are links to download there:
  21. Welcome back Wags! I just came back last week myself! We always have the most intense games so this is good news for me!
  22. You're the best player in the world Carse! There's no doubt about it!
  23. mav is right. I won't be happy until I see Winnipeg and MORE IMPORTANTLY HARTFORD with a team again. The NHL would be great with Hartford back! Atlanta needs to relocate though. I think Phoenix is fine, I think they are getting more fans. Hopefully Winnipeg is the first choice but it's unlikely!