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  1. AIM IM with Magus9787/13/08 9:28 PM salembaseball7: hey, do you have time to get our games in tonight? magus978: Frozen Four? salembaseball7: yea magus978: I'm forfeiting to you. salembaseball7: ok magus978: I don't have the energy or patience to play them. kupuck already knows so just post 1-0 wins for yourself both ways  salembaseball7: ok salembaseball7: haha, ok will do salembaseball7: thanks Is this all right with everybody? He's Minnesota, I'm Michigan St.
  2. St. Lawrence University (metzgerism) vs. Michigan State University (salembaseball7) game 1: 3-1 msu (home) wins game 2: 3-0 st. lawrence (home) wins ggs, you got me in goal differential though, haha.
  3. Put my name on the list aim - salembaseball7
  4. MSU!! Go green! Go white! I just joined though, so would I still need to play a confirmation game before I can join this? aim - salembaseball7
  5. Hey what's up everyone, I completely forget how I found this site, but I am glad that I did, because it rules everything ever created. I'm looking for someone to play a test game or two against me (gens or snes). Also, if there are any open leagues that need a player, look no further. Send me a message on AIM whenever you feel like playing a quick game. Later! AIM - salembaseball7
  6. x2 I have a PC as well, it's just more convenient for me to use my macbook (roommate always uses desktop for WoW or Counter-Strike). I think I'll try it out first with the Super NES version since I can't find a mac version of the Gens emulator. I'll let you know how it goes.