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  1. Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but the backup goalie always starts when I play a rom I have edited. I checked the line changes and the starter is selected on all of the lines. I dont know enough coding to anything other than the players through NOSE. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. Patrick

    New ROMS

    No feedback? What kind of edits do you all do to make your roms better?
  3. Patrick

    New ROMS

    Hello all, Im definitely a noob editor so these ROMs may not be up to your standards, but it could be a good starting point for tweaks. I hereby give to you; NHL 87; nhl87.bin Very proud of my sweater tweaks, edited some ratings. Tried to get the crease the same color as the ice as I believe it was in 87 NHL 93 NHL93.bin Some minor sweater changes to Ottawa, Tampa , New Jersey and Philly. Just like the regular 93 but Ottawa and Tampa rosters closer to their expansion season teams NHL 94 nhl94.bin Changed the All star teams to Anaheim and Florida. Didnt change any hex though. NHL 95 nhl95.bin NHL 96 nhl96.bin To an advanced editor, these ROMs could suck but Im pretty pleased with them! I was hoping to do an NHL 97 but I'd want to change Quebec to Colorado and I dont know how to do that. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
  4. Patrick

    NHL 87

    No, I mean the Ron Barr screen.
  5. Patrick

    NHL 87

    Ok sounds good. I'll look it over before posting it with any silly errors Also, can someone explain to me how to edit the team matchup screen in plain english? I know it needs the hex editor but I dont know where to begin there.
  6. Patrick

    NHL 87

    Hey everyone. Not sure how active this board may be, but I found the itch to play again and have been working on a few different roms. My first complete is an NHL 87 based on the 87-88 season. A lot of the players existed on NHL93 so it wasnt too many changes, so I was able to copy paste a lot. I made some tweaks to their ratings to the player they were 5 seasons earlier. Pretty pleased with my North Stars, Kings, Devils and Canucks jersey edits too. Touched up some teams like Philly, St Louis and Pittsburgh. If anyone is interested in seeing it I'll post the file. Or else Im talking to myself!
  7. Hello gentlemen, I have dusted off the old logitech dual action controller for some good ol NHL 93 edited goodness. But I can't for the life of me get the controller set up to play. Any tips are greatly appreciated.! Im on a dell running windows 7. Hold your laughter.
  8. Ive been playing NHL 93 a bit lately, but Ive noticed that if I play in a best of 7 series, it doesn't save if I shut the game off. Is this normal?
  9. To my growing disappointment, you cant even highlight the name area in NOSE. So... Ive scrapped editing NHL 92 any further.
  10. What about bytes? What topic would be best? Im in the market to get more of them...
  11. I know, Id love to fix that. Even though, I kinda forgot how plain the game was... it still would be kinda cool to get player names at least. And lines set up.
  12. Its just the number, and position. No names.
  13. I downloaded it, and got it opened up in NOSE.... but there are no free bytes! Damn it! What do I do?
  14. Completely disregarding the previous post... Im surprised that this game hasnt got much attention. It seems that all of the other games have roms and hacks and so on. Yet this one doesnt have anything special. How come? (
  15. The league needs to contract before it expands.