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  1. my disc golf game is now available www.discgolfgame.net
  2. I remember doing some video analysis back in 2001-06 when I took NHL 94 more seriously and had more time. In GDL 11 though I tried something I hadn’t done before which was analysing how I should play against kingraph. I did it because I feared kingraph as he was in very good form. Also I could do it because I had recent material of him playing against me in a playoff series. I have recorded all my league games for I think over 10 years now. I watched our series from earlier GDL season and made notes of his playing style so I could avoid making mistakes and would have some sort of idea how I s
  3. was I left out intentionally ? Yesterday I messaged icestorm in aim at 10 am EST if I could still join and get my normal position in draft. I didn't get any reply. Now after I woke up I saw draft order being finalized. Did anyone receive any messages from icestorm yesterday (sunday) after 10AM est ? If yes then it shows I have been ignored. I don't think I was though as I know icestorm and he wouldn't do something like that. About rom hacks being used in GDL. I think GDL is the draft league for classic as it has always been because there is Blitz for the other. Of course commissioner is fr
  4. yeah of course. havent played it in over 10 years though. To play you really need amiga joystick or keyboard. I have amiga usb joystick but I still havent played it online more than few games. I'm sensiblesoccer.de member #426
  5. Team Name: Buffalo Sabres First Line LW: Fleury C: Modano RW: Ruuttu LD: Patrick RD: Lowe X: Broten G: Moog Second Line LW: Modano C: Fleury RW: Broten LD: Lumme RD: Lumme X: Ruuttu G: Moog Checking line LD: Johansson RD: Johansson