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  1. my disc golf game is now available www.discgolfgame.net
  2. I remember doing some video analysis back in 2001-06 when I took NHL 94 more seriously and had more time. In GDL 11 though I tried something I hadn’t done before which was analysing how I should play against kingraph. I did it because I feared kingraph as he was in very good form. Also I could do it because I had recent material of him playing against me in a playoff series. I have recorded all my league games for I think over 10 years now. I watched our series from earlier GDL season and made notes of his playing style so I could avoid making mistakes and would have some sort of idea how I should play. Usually I don’t think about how to play against anyone and just play my own game, because I feel thinking too much while playing is going to hurt your game and you should just go with the flow you have learned. This time however I tried something different. before watching the games I expected to find a kinraph there who plays cautious and tight passive defense. I was surprised it wasn’t like that at all. He had a pattern of defense that wasn’t passive at all and was more like carse. I won’t go into more detail as I don’t want to expose him much, though picture reveals something specially if you know Finnish. I think I hadn’t noticed his playing style before even though we had played a series recently because in the heat of the moment you are so focused on your own doing you don't get much out of the overall picture. I also analysed how he attacked and used his manual goalie. what inspired me also was reading about how it was hard for Finnish olympic hockey team coach Erkka Westerlund to make the team play as a unit without them losing focus to their flow. He only had few days for training before the tournament and it was not enough time for players to learn complex team strategies so he would give players few individual instructions that they should follow and otherwise play as they know best. This had been a problem with the earlier coach of Finland where some NHL players didn’t like that they had to play the team system where they would lose their flow because they would need to think about what to do too much and the situation would be over already. From this info I made a whiteboard with notes of how I should play and think during the series. I made my instructions also like Erkka would have, something simple enough so you wouldn’t lose the flow. I put the whiteboard next to the monitor so I easily read them while playing so they would be freshly be in use and I would remember the game plan. Here’s what it looked like: and it worked. I played one of my best series. though the games were tight I felt like I was in control of how I should play. Next round I played against Zalex. I wanted to do the same method for his game but I didn’t have any recent playoff material of his game. Icestrom had their series recorded from earlier round and I asked if he could send them for me so I could watch them and prepare for our series, but he respectfully didn’t want to give out the games without Zalex’s aprovement. I went to the series with my normal play my own game method though with talks with icestorm I knew he would patiently hold the puck in offensive zone and find way to break passive defense. That’s what’s he’s best at along with Pete, my best friend, who I think is probably the best in this game of all time. We have always had tight and fun games with Zalex ( ) and I thought this series wouldn’t be exception and I was right. It went into game 7 and he won.looking back at our series with Zalex I should have played more aggressive defense because that’s what works against him. His friend Freydey on the other hand is different. Passive defense works against him because he’s not so good as Zalex to open passive defense and he’s more dangerous if you leave him room in front of the net. What comes to the example video from our series with icestorm I would selfishly use this instead: because at 11:40 is one of the best goal I have done. I was already down 0-2 in the series and game 3 went into overtime. I tried a keg toss and it went in directly from air. I have only managed to do that 1-2 times and it was also important goal in the series.
  3. was I left out intentionally ? Yesterday I messaged icestorm in aim at 10 am EST if I could still join and get my normal position in draft. I didn't get any reply. Now after I woke up I saw draft order being finalized. Did anyone receive any messages from icestorm yesterday (sunday) after 10AM est ? If yes then it shows I have been ignored. I don't think I was though as I know icestorm and he wouldn't do something like that. About rom hacks being used in GDL. I think GDL is the draft league for classic as it has always been because there is Blitz for the other. Of course commissioner is free to change things how he wants, but I also think it should be a vote.
  4. yeah of course. havent played it in over 10 years though. To play you really need amiga joystick or keyboard. I have amiga usb joystick but I still havent played it online more than few games. I'm sensiblesoccer.de member #426
  5. Team Name: Buffalo Sabres First Line LW: Fleury C: Modano RW: Ruuttu LD: Patrick RD: Lowe X: Broten G: Moog Second Line LW: Modano C: Fleury RW: Broten LD: Lumme RD: Lumme X: Ruuttu G: Moog Checking line LD: Johansson RD: Johansson
  6. swos trades 1.23, 2.2, 4.2 to fitzo 1.16, 2.9, 4.9
  7. I can take buffalo with the gdl jersey
  8. at what time will we play saturday or sunday zalex ? I would like to know the day before so I can make plans. both days I'm available 3am to 3pm est.
  9. don't know about tomorrow yet as I'm working and don't yet know how much. it's busy week. friday possibly 8am to 10am. I will let you know when i know better.
  10. yeah let's play then. 2.30 would be even better
  11. I can play 3AM to 3PM est every day. We have already be in touch with uncle seth and thought 11AM saturday. Is that ok uncle seth ? sunday I can play 2pm - 4pm.
  12. I will be busy this week and most of next week too, so I wont play any games until then. Also getting new much better connection next week so it has been worth to wait. I will catch up.
  13. Team Name: Buffalo Sabres First Line LW: Broten C: Modano RW: Nieuwendyk LD: Burt RD: Duchesne X: Ranheim G: Terreri Second Line LW: Modano C: Broten RW: Ranheim LD: Johansson RD: Johansson X: Nieuwendyk G: Terreri
  14. buffalo drafts Mario Gosselin
  15. buffalo drafts Pat Falloon
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