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  1. I think that we should get a bunch of players together and play a tournament in a convention center or hotel somewhere in the U.S. I think that i would be a great i dea and it truly is the only way to determine a overall champion. cause i dont really have the ablity to play onlne, what do u need to play online anyways, if somebody could put a package together i will purchase it ff you and start my run to number 1. peace out.
  2. where abouts in toronto b/c me and me boys play lacrosse in the summer and we are always in toronto, chicago joe wraparound home of the 5 goal mercy rule
  3. i think that there is a difference in a way that a hot player will be likley to snipe a corner, also hold on to the puck with greater control. but i would not rely on it. example, if ron barr indicates in his pregame analysis that joe murphy is hot, come in the zone and rip a slapper right by the Philly goalie to win the game on the 5-gaol mercy rule. thats my take on the Ron Barr situation.
  4. A bunch of people should get meet up in a hotel to get down on a tourny. where does everbody live at. chicago joe wraparound home of the 5 goal mercy rule