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  1. Hey UltraMagnus, You found the locations for the Snes rom or Gens rom?
  2. @McMarkis - Can you add me to the wait list. Would love to try this out.
  3. I can confirm, I had the same problem. You need to use the ROM that is NOT headerless. https://nhl94.com/multimedia/apps/nhl94_snes_smc.rar
  4. Sorry for the tardiness, I can play tonight if your available?
  5. I believe a few of us have let you know that bigfoots internet connection is not really suitable for play. His ping is over 100ms and he has to change the screen refresh setting in kaillera client to +7
  6. Stayed up until 11:30 pm EST, what time zone are you in? Will you be on tomorrow?
  7. I will be on Friday evening, and I have availability Saturday. Otherwise leave me a message and we can schedule a time. -Mark.
  8. Any availability Friday night, or Saturday during the day or evening?
  9. What days / times work for you this week?
  10. Hey Guys, What day/time works for you guys this week. I am EST time zone. Wed and Thu are good this week for me in the evenings after 7:00pm. Possibly tonight (Tuesday 12th) around 10pm. -Mark.
  11. Hey Guys, I will be on all day today/tonight. Post a time you can play so we can hook up. Haven't had much luck reaching you guys on AIM. -McMarkis.
  12. Does anyone have the work that dan_Iizhot did from this post? Also, what program is currently used to extract the SNES stats from the save state on this website? I thought I read that it was done in c# in one of the older posts? NOTE: I realize this is for GENS, just wondering if there is anything out there for SNES.
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