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  1. 1 hour ago, Hope said:

    Can someone make ANY of these editions? -  Championship Edition : The Last 32 Stanley cup winners , All-Star Edition : All-star teams from the last 16 years,  President Edition : The last 32 President Trophy winners, All-time Great teams - Best player from each franchiese , 3 on 3 Trophy edition - Trophy winners from the last 32 years playing 3 on 3 (Top scorer, Top goalie, top defenseman, MVP, Top goals scored) 

    Sorry to disappoint but, "the best player from each franchiese," is the one that I'm not currently working on.

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  2. Quick and dirty, simple update to the original ROM that anyone can use to sharpen some of their skills.
    I created this to help me prepare for KO94.
    Nothing spectacular, but it is fun to play around with.

    If you want to get a bit better at dekes, you can try the 1 skater VS 5.

    Maybe you want to work on getting better at defensive positioning? Try playing with 1 D-man VS 5. 

    For 1-timer practice there's the classic, two-forward, 2on2-style line.

    Lastly, there is a, "no skater," team. You can use this to practice your goalie control skills. This can be very challenging. However, the CPU goalie will have to make a save before you can go into the goalie control mode. This is because there's no skater to switch from

    • No Skaters is Washington
    • 1 D-man is Winnipeg
    • 1 Forward is Wales All-Stars
    • 2 Forwards is Campbell All- Stars

    If someone wants to do the rest of the teams with only a LW skater for 1 team, or something like that, I'll replace this one.



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  3. @chaos

    I have...

    • 20" inch PVM 
    • 20" inch BVM I just picked up recently
    • 40" inch Sony KV-40
    • 32" inch Sony 
    • 27" inch Toshiba 

    Haven't had much success with gov auctions over the last several months. Nothing close to this particular auction.



    Actually looking at the pic again, from top to bottom:

    1. $750
    2. $450
    3. $900
    4. $1200
    5. $850
    6. $900

    I've been on the look out on /r/crtgaming on reddit to see if anyone there got any of these. Felt like these guys got in a bidding war. I'm not chasing these types of prices for something you can find for free if you're lucky or know where to look.

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  4. MWW I show up at gaming night at my best-bro-from-works-new house and all my squadmates are there and I'm still super sauced from the quarterly-company-event from earlier.

    When she says, "Fine! I'm gonna fuck the next guy I see!"

    But I leave the bag with my controllers in the car.


    But I probably don't need em because most of these dudes are younger than me so I'll look ridiculous with my old-man-gamer-gear.


    Then I remember Steve said he got like 50 Genesis games for 20 bucks or something last month and the best one was Revenge of Shinobi.


    But I'd be trying too hard and no one is expecting me to bring them anyway.


    Then I remember that no one wears a suit to hang out and I could probably just stop home and put on a t shirt and jeans.

    But then you remember your roommate is paying your rent.

    But someone notices me and I've been waking back and forth from my car to the house for 5 minutes.


    The controllers though, they might think it's cool if I bring em.


    But my boy Mitch is approaching and he's drunker than I am.


    Then I see all the women are in the front of the house and my anxiety kicks in.


    I'm not attracted to any of them anyway.


    There's still a chance I'll have to make eye contact as drunk as I am.


    If I just walk with Mitch no one will notice how drunk I am because he's so wrecked.


    He wants us to get more beer before we go downstairs and I can probably just bolt and no one will even know I was here.


    Then we get down there and Kris and Gus are playing PS4 and Steve is actually playing Pigskin Footbrawl on a god damn Sega Genesis with Chad.


    But I haven't checked the forum for almost 3 hours and it's my turn to pick.


    Then I remember I haven't been in a league for like 8 years and I can post tomorrow when I sober up.


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