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  1. 8 hours ago, Handzus said:

    Just joined. It's so great to be a part of an amazing community in honour of an iconic game! Thanks to my older cousins who introduced me to the NHL series on Sega and PC!

    I'm from Ottawa, Ontario. I see there are others from the area, as well.

    Look forward to some great conversations + gaming!



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  2. Have enjoyed the games I've played thus far online. Being a Philly fan, I generally use them the most. Here is some feedback or opinions I have. 

    • Giroux
      • shot power is too high, I'd dial back a little
      • shot accuracy is probably too low
      • agility is fine but I think his speed should be reduced
    • JVR
      • I'd reduce his shot power
    • Porovrov
      • reduce speed
      • reduce agility
    • Gostisbehere
      • reduce agility
      • reduce shot power
    • Raffl
      • reduce shot accuracy
      • increase speed and agility
      • increase stick handling
    • Vorachek
      • reduce shot power

    I know a lot of people would offer advice when I did the updates, so please, don't think that I'm nitpicking; these are just my observations of the players right now. Take it or leave it. 

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  3. I'd like to buy a MEGA SG but for the money I can get 2 or 3 SNES / Gennys. But if you really can't tell the difference then I can't see why not. The RetroRGB cables are good enough for me I don't have to bother with scalers or SCART to RGB. I love CRT TV's though and at the rate I'm going I'll probably need to rent storage just for monitors. 

    If I can shoehorn in a question: does anyone know if the EA, 4-Way- Play adapter fits properly on the Mega SG?

    Edit: @Edge of '94 Midwest

    Was curious as to what I could find in the way of reviews and this is promising:


  4. On 10/26/2019 at 10:02 PM, tonytwist said:

    Oh man so it's true!! Is there a way I can alter my username?

    I remember being in a class once with about 3 Brandons and 2 Brendans and it was awful for them haha


    With the current version of Invision, username replacements are auto-generated.

    Took a quick look, here are a few that are available you can switch to:

    •  Air Aki Berg
    •  Toobie Twix
    •  Barbie Melrobes
    •  Super Star Brian Bellows
    •  Thick McSkatefast
    •  Flint Hardwrister
    •  Dirk Dropgloves
    •  Segathong
    •  Shovel D. Walkway
    •  Breb Hulb

    Let us know if any of those work for you.

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