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    • MacInnis is the Flames franchise as much as Iginla. Though, he did have some great years in STL. Big part of their cup-winning team in '89. # is in the rafters there. And on and on.
    • Makarov is a Flame.
    • Boyle could go either way, but he did win a cup in Tampa. I'd put him on the Bolts.
    • Tkachuk should be on WPG / PHX, IMO.
    • Carlyle: Winnipeg / PHX for sure.
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  1. 21 minutes ago, kidswasted said:

    I've replaced Couturier with Dornhoefer and Favell with Lindbergh. That sucks that he died so young, and a season after he won the Vezina. I've never even heard of the guy. Thanks for the tips on both!

    Not to go too offtopic, but many considered him to be the goalie that would become the best of his generation. 


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  2. 5 hours ago, kidswasted said:

    MacLeish is Philly no doubt, but I think you meant Tocchet? He is most def a Flyer, though. He was a rental for the Pens, and helped them hoist Lord Stanley, but he only played 150 games there. I'm not sure what you mean here. I have MacLeish and Tocchet both on the Flyers. Tocchet is not listed under the Pens. Are you saying Tocchet needs to be removed? Speaking of the Flyers, and you being a big fan, am I missing anyone worthy?

    Maybe I have to look again, but I thought Tocchet was listed as PIT / PHI. Anyway, he's a Flyer -- and #1 all-time in franchise PIMs -- quite a feat. 

    Two, "no-doubt changes," I'd make to the Flyers:

    • Gary Dornhoefer won 2 cups with the Flyers. He worked for HNIC after he retired and did a lot of color commentary during the finals in the 80s for the league, and then with the Flyers. Great guy, too. He should replace Sean Couturier; Gary was better.
    • Pelle Lindbergh won the Veznia in 84-85 and was a great goaltender. He also came 3 in voting for the Hart Trophy that year (Lemieux won Calder, Gretz won the Hart with 208 Pts!).
      He did, tragically, the following year when he crashed his Porsche at the age of 26. IMO, he is the best goalie the franchise has ever had. He should replace Doug Favell, and should be rated above Hextall and Parent.


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