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  1. Muller is a tough one, but he has nearly twice the # of games for NJ than for any other team. I'd go with NJ, even if he did captain the Habs last cup-winning team. Turgeon is probably the hardest so far. He had his most productive years in NYI, but played the most games in St. Louis. Still, I'd put him on Buffalo. He was the 1st round, 1st overall to them in 87. He only played five fewer games in Buffalo than he did in St. Louis Recchi should be on the Flyers. Best years in Philly, most games played. Mark Howe should be on the Flyers. Nearly 700 games played in Philly and 3x finals appearances. MacLeish is Philly no doubt, but I think you meant Tocchet? He is most def a Flyer, though. He was a rental for the Pens, and helped them hoist Lord Stanley, but he only played 150 games there. Hard to imagine Lemieux not being on Que from their epic series with the Wings in the 2000s. You could go either way with NJ, or Que, but I'd put him on the Dekes. Also, IMO, Quebec should have Avs away jerseys.The franchise has spent 10+ more years in Colorado than they have in Quebec, and the cups.
  2. Will Dallas and Minnesota be combined? I think it's a good idea to have Minnesota as home, with their vintage jerseys, and away as the cup-winning Stars jerseys. I'd put Shanny on the Wings, over STL. He was a big part of their cup-winning years. Gretz should be on Edmonton, IMO. I'm torn with Messier, but I'm leaning towards EDM, too. For Whitney, I'd say whichever he has more games played with. Francis should be on Hartford, IMO. Brind'Amour should be on Carolina, IMO. Carter on LA, IMO. Langenbrunner on NJ, IMO. That's all I got for now I'll look at some of the other ones later on.
  3. Just noticed that the anchor logo has the Space Needle in the design. It's a nice touch.
  4. All Cracker Barrel restaurants should be renamed to Kracken Barrel.
  5. Their fans will be known as, "Krackheads."
  6. Wouldn't have been my first choice but I like it. And everyone from Detroit settle down, it's spelled with a, 'K'.
  7. Not sure how often you go to hockey-reference, but the franchise pages make it easy to find records, so, that might be one thing the could help you decide what team a player goes on: if they play more games, or have more points for one or another, etc. https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/BOS/skaters.html
  8. For this ROM and this ROM only, they should be... wait for it... the Sauceators. Top line: LW: Radsauce Bonksauce C: Jasauce Saucezza RW: Daniel Alfredosauce. D: Erik Karlsauce D: Wadesauce Reddensauce
  9. That was great. It really shows how much research, thought and effort goes into these projects.
  10. I did know that about Oates. He was my favorite player growing up because of how many games I won with him. Mostly during the Blizzard of '93 - anyone on NY, PA or NJ remembers that storm. I got marooned at my best friends house for days and was killing it with Oates. Then I became obsessed with the guy and learned everything I could about him. He was really enigmatic during his playing days. I was actually part of a Yahoo group page in, like 2001, that had a lot of private details about his life. The place was run by a bunch of crazy stalker ladies that were in love with him. I hadn't gotten that far, yet. But very nice attention to detail there! They're very subjective but I think you did a great job. For sure. They're solid up front with 88 & the weight-bug fix.
  11. First impressions: Tampa is still more, "Electric slide," than, "Ride The Lightning," but they, lookie-here: Their top 3 now has Klima, Bradley and Savard. Fun team to skate with. Anaheim is more, "Upset," than, "Mighty," deservedly so. Wanted to see if Lebeau would be their lone-gun, but his skating and shot have been reduced. The fierce fish actually have teeth with the additions of Larionov and Makarov. Nice team to ice with a, pass-first play-style. Boston drops off with losing Juneau and Oates' skating taking a hit. Ray-Ray also lost some juice. Neely gets a big, big boost with the weight bug fix. Ottawa has life, and wheels, too. The additions of Davydov and Yashin make them a half-decent team to play with. Washington is vaulted to top-tier with the addition of Juneau. Their d-corps are bolstered heavily by being pleasantly plump, thanks to the weight-bug fix. The rich get richer with Feds being the top rated forward, and I can't argue with it. My opinion is he's the best two-way forward of all time. And you did give him the skating skills he deserves, too. Flames get Zalapski, which is nice, but the weight bug fix is cruel to Fleury. The Pens biggest weakness becomes their biggest strength with the weight-bug fix. Hull is a crackshot. Then add in Housley, along with other ratings changes, and St. Louis is beastly. The whale tail adds Pronger making them more fun to ice. Main splash-screen logo got distorted when imported. This is an easy fix I can help with if you want to update the game some time down the road. Just some impressions, not criticisms. Maybe I'll post some more stuff later, but I'm having a blast playing it!
  12. Hey, 13 downloads already! The, “thanks,” button is like an inch away, boys. Click that, too!
  13. This rom was long over due, thanks for all the hard work! Nice to see my sprite patch put to use, too. Should be a lot of fun playing with San Jose. The Leafs should be pretty beast with Killer and Gartner, too. Any way you can upload the ratings to Google docs? Very interested to see what player rating changes were made. Looking forward to playing some exis with this.
  14. Really tough project to undertake, which is why I only did it with the 2on2 ROM, since that ROM has equal ratings. Some stuff you'll need to figure out: Do you put HOFers on more than one team or only on one? Gretz won his cups in EDM, but it would feel odd to not have him on the Kings. Do you rate players based on their best season or are they aggregate? How do you rate HOFers from low scoring eras if they're going to be on a team with players from high scoring eras? Which franchises do and do not make the cut? Obviously the original 6 will be there, but Carolina has actually been in the NHL longer than the Whalers were in the NHL. How do you choose which Uniforms make the cut? One thing to consider is doing home jerseys as the franchises original uniforms and then use the away uniforms as the more modern version. As a life long Flyers fan, I'd be happy to offer help on rating their players should you need help. Good luck!
  15. Interested to see if 2on2 would work, but @chaos is already in a LTR with Retroarch.
  16. I think ggpo was the first to make use of it. Was really impressive to experience for the first time in games like 3rd Strike and Alpha 3.
  17. Did you try changing the compatibility to Win 7 or XP? Also, make sure you run as administrator.
  18. There's a lot of great stuff on the boards in the inactive league sub-forums. Lots of old drama that is fun to revisit and there's a lot of great memories from the last 15 years. It's quite the rabbit hole. Having a public tournament would make more sense for Sega CD. Also, the offsets are different for uploading save states, so, we'd have to figure that out. Yep. The shot sound effect is the one that bothers me the most. There are some nice things about the .WAV audio files, but it was just a gimmick at the time to just have a CD based, NHL hockey game. EA could have added a lot of the stuff to the SEGA CD version, to the point that it'd be the only one that we play, today. And the Yamaha 2612 chip is classic; so many great chip tunes. When we remake the game, we have to keep the audio true to the era with the same chip or a similar one.
  19. We gotta get Tick to come to King of 94 Live event.
  20. Hasn't been one, yet. Other reason why we haven't had a league is because draft leagues aren't possible, and simple things like reducing penalty length can't be adjusted easily in NOSE. @don16086 was working on modding the CD version, but it's been 15 years. Can't say I'm a fan of the audio. Doesn't feel like it fits the game, to me.
  21. Maybe you could use the 8bitdo with the Retrousb adapter? Retrousb SNES to USB adapter. Looks like it on sale right now, too.
  22. OP is a little confusing. Kinda-thought this was what you were looking for? I'd check around their website some more. They have manuals for retrofitting OEM controllers, too.
  23. Only one I know of: Tech Specs System Compatibility SNES Super Familiy Computer Analogue Super Nt Connectivity 2.4g Wireless Technology for original SNES/SFC *Bluetooth connection is not applicable Dimensions/weight 144*63.5*26.2mm 98g Battery Type / Battery Life 480mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable 18-20 play hours with 1-2 hour charging time Includes SN30 2.4g Controller 2.4g Wireless USB Receiver USB Cable https://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-wireless-for-original-snes-sfc/
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