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  1. OP, this is the right tack to start addressing the cart's nefariously bad goalie AI. In stark opposition with your approach, in the vein of realism, it's hardly realistic to play a contest without a goalie or to mass down-edit one's roster for some competition v. the CPU. Your idea comes tantalizingly close to revamping the goalie AI, so dependent on EA's source code but so much unobtainium. Since falling victim to the allure of the early series, it became a twisted dream of my teenage mind to play a capable computer. Just to clarify, the smaller nets are featured on *both* sides of the rink? Might a setting allow one to apply the smaller net to only the CPU? If nothing else the CPU's goals against me were incentive for more involved play. What can I say. I relish a challenge.
  2. Hello people: I'm new to the forums but I was a good (now veteran) player of NHL '94. When a small gang of us weren't playing the balls off the SCD and Gens version of the game, I wondered (even dreamed) of reliably playing competitive games versus the CPU *without* resorting to pulling out the goalie or pitting Ottawa versus the AllStars. Does anyone recall any version, of course including '94, which one could do this? And what about the PC versions? or rom hack? Please help me fulfill this much delayed (perhaps futile) dream of mine.
  3. Hello fellow NHL '94 admirers: Just a thought... Is it realistic to think about hacking the goalie AI, and the D, to make it hard to play against the CPU?
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