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  1. NHL2K7 was growing on me, having played a few games, but it just doesn't play as well. No real "urgh" checks, no weight in the controls, just always thinking it's good but it's not as good as NHL '94. Guess it's a curse, having played the best ice hockey game ever. Wouldn't do the dirty on gaming by buying a poor EA Sports game. Tiger Woods is the only good series they put out.
  2. Yeah, that'll be 'cause cricket is a truly international sport, and lacrosse is mainly exclusive to North America, although growing in popularity. Small fry compared. By the by, EA have never made a good cricket game. Codemasters on the other hand, every time. EA are f**king useless.
  3. Howdy, name's Dann. Shelved my plans back in 2006 to join a league until I got a working PC, and free time. Both are acquired, now I just gotta remember how to play. I'll try to sort out a test game, using the AIM's of the vets.
  4. Will the league be looking to take on another team for next season, whenever that is?
  5. Apologies for posting in the two threads, but just to make sure I got all bases covered, I want in also.
  6. I meant what cities would the teams be in?
  7. Got ya, after July is fine. Do you have an idea what those teams will be?
  8. Hopefully I can be added. Name is Dann, and my AIM handle is spacemarine2552.