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  1. Hey, I've played 2on2 with you guys in the past, would love to again sometime. AIM is "DrKhron"
  2. I havn't been on here in a long time, but I recently got the NHL94 bug again. PAX East had a room full of Classic Consoles, and I had a good time playing some of the original ROM on original hardware. Sadly, though, no one decent to play against.
  3. Um, arn't I already on the waiting list for posting in the sign-up thread? You were offering left over slots there...
  4. s**t, I hope I didn't miss the deadline. I'd like to play in Gens B, but I'll take whatever I'm given. AIM: DrKhron Teams, if it even matters anymore. PHI BUF BOS PIT CHI NYR CGY DET L.A MTL TOR WPG QUE VAN WSH
  5. I use GameSurge alot for that. Oh well. Anyway, here is a good source for old versions of AIM: http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=aim
  6. Hmmmm... I don't doubt what you say, I'm just used to having an IRC channel for each of my clans and/or gaming subcultures. As I see it, the advantage of IRC is that you have a persistent room, so you don't need to add a ton of strangers to your "buddy' list. Does AIM allow for persistent, public chatrooms? I used to use AIM to talk to some of my Bschool friends that were technically incompetent, but I just reinstalled it to play some NHL94. So tell me, whats this about using older versions of AIM? I want to know more. The AIM I was using circa 2002 was nice and simple, with clean windows. Now its a complicated mess with too many features, so being able to use an older client is appealing.
  7. Last night I played the latest version of the 2on2 ROM; great work guys! The photos are awesome, its amazing to see a YOUNG Bobby Clarke. Playing without defense is brutal, but it was a fun game. Also, having a teammate is MUCH harder when you are not both in the same room! being able to yell at each other is a big advantage. My AIM is "DrKhron", IM me anytime if you want to play 2s. If the server is dead, how about we set up an IRC channel for people who want to play 2s can meet? AIM is sort of deficient for this.
  8. I thought I posted in the correct 'newbie' forum, and then I found this one. I would love to play pick up games online anytime, just IM me. AIM: "DrKhron"
  9. Cool idea, its sort of like Stopwatch maps for online FPSes.
  10. Hi, I love this game and would love to play pickup games online! AIM: DrKhron I have a super fast FIOS connection, and can easily host games. Lets play! I just started playing this game in emulation and I'm sick of trouncing the AI.
  11. Whats SCD? I had a Genesis with the 4-play adaptor back in the day, and I LOVE 2on2 NHL 94!!! Would love to play some 2on2 online.