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  1. Tampa bay is being announced as Pitts and colorado as toronto, florida as hartford....there are other issues with team announcements. what software did you use to do your mods? If I can the editing software you used I would be happy to help fix some of these issues. I love this version of nhl 95 so I have no problems lending a hand with it.
  2. Just finished up the first four games of a new season with the Oilers and I have to say that this is so far at least THE single best and fair version I have ever played! Thank you for taking the time to produce a most excellent edition of this game. I look forward to see what you do in the future and once again thank you.
  3. First I would like to thank Johan Emanuelsson for posting the ea nhl 95 archive collection! I've found some awesome tools in those. Also I've noticed some people having problems getting the game to run under various operating systems. I would like to help if possible heres a dfend profile that works under vista, simply import the profile file and edit the game .exe location along with the rom or iso location I should point out that the sound runs very well on my vista machine using ddraw as the vid renderer, not sure why it gets choppy with the other renderers but there you have it. 1 select and copy everything below 2 paste in note pad 3 save file as nhl95.dfe 4 import saved .dfe file in the import profile in DFEND 5 edit according to where you have game installed 6 get cookie be happy [Extra] CloseOnExit=1 CustomSettings= SyncUpDown=0 Setup=C:\HOCKEY\INSTALL.EXE Exe=C:\HOCKEY\HOCKEY.EXE Loadhigh=0 autoexec= GameParameters= SetupParameters= LoadFixVal=64 [sdl] fullscreen=false fulldouble=true fullresolution=original windowresolution=800x600 output=ddraw autolock=true sensitivity=100 waitonerror=true usecancodes=true priority=higher,normal mapperfile=mapper.txt [dosbox] language= machine=vga memsize=63 [render] frameskip=0 aspect=false scaler=tv2x [cpu] core=normal cycles=20000 cycleup=500 cycledown=20 [mixer] nosound=false rate=44100 blocksize=4096 prebuffer=35 [midi] mpu401=intelligent device=default config= [sblaster] sbtype=sb16 sbbase=220 irq=7 dma=1 hdma=5 mixer=true oplmode=auto oplrate=22050 [gus] gus=true gusrate=44100 gusbase=240 irq1=5 irq2=5 dma1=1 dma2=1 ultradir=C:\ULTRASND [speaker] pcspeaker=true pcrate=22050 tandyrate=22050 disney=true [dos] xms=true ems=true umb=true [bios] joysticktype=ch [ExtraInfo] Genre= Developer= Publisher= Year= Notes= [Export] notes=Seems to work fine with vista profilename=NHL 95
  4. Sweet looking pens jersey, If I had time I would crank up an editor and start updating the roster stats for each team. But I doubt they would be accurate...being an oiler fan and all
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