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  1. IMO, it should be an unspoken rule that you log immediately after the game is over. Have the score box open and your first move as soon as the game ends is to log it. End of story.
  2. Rocco, I totally understand where you're coming from. And in one of the first leagues I chose Tampa as my team. I ended up with a 500 record that year. But I'm here to win and stay competitive, not EVERY 'good' player will pick a shitty team, so if I took the 'bad' team route again, I wouldnt be able to compete. All that needs to happen here is for the 'new' 'bottom rung' players to practice, practice, practice, practice, lose, learn, etc and then we'll build an awesome pool of ALL awesome players.
  3. Just registered and really excited to get back into it all. It's been awhile.
  4. It's great to see people this passionate about the best sport and best video game of all time. I share all the same feelings!
  5. Hey Chris, it's Ben from back in the old skool editing days. I'm happy to see you're still chugging along with the editing. Your newest creation looks huge. I look forward to the final product and would be willing to help ya out if needed.
  6. Fix your internet connection/PC problems then play some lag free matches with us and we'll decide who the king of the mountain is.
  7. I didn't know it was an issue to have teams in separate countries...i don't know how to remove either one since I havent been given a spot yet... how long is the waiting list usually? havent gotten a response yet.. whats the big deal anyway?
  8. This looks awesome. I just signed up and I'm on a waiting list of 26 people.. 50 got added yesterday so I assume I'll be added soon. I'm in 2 leagues, the canadian and usa my teams are: USA: Quickstep Canada: Euskaltel-Euskadi
  9. I'm in54time.. i'll be with evan.... are we doing it where every team has the same players with ratings and all? if so, i pick edmonton for us.
  10. It's not important but in a competitive league I think it's fair game to discuss such a topic. I saw the thread so I figured I'd throw in my opinion. I agree I come here for 75% fun and about 25% for competitive gaming. I PvP in World of Warcraft to strut my skills.
  11. I really wish we could all sit down and play on console with no lag, no odd fram rates and just go at it to see who it really is. I still think the best players are tick, tk, backhand, crossbar and myself.
  12. Yeah it was great having you on the air to talk about it. I may actually listen to their radio show since there is next to nothing in the realm of hockey radio in the states.
  13. Lou Is God

    Player Type

    Yea, pass more with lafontaine and shoot more with mogilny
  14. You should probably download AIM if you want to compete in the league. No one is going to pay attention or go out of their way to schedule games if ur not on AIM - at least I know I won't. It's a 5 second download and a 5 second install. Join the community and show us how good you are.
  15. So are you assuming that tampa will get 7 or higher or are you counting me out? Gimme a break.
  16. kgman who? I think you've asked me to play a few times, sorry I haven't been around. I think I could give you a pretty good challenge.
  17. So why isn't Tampa one of the choices? You know you're all afraid of me and Brian Bradley.
  18. As a proud owner of the Center Ice package on DirecTV I often find myself overwhelmed with too many good games to watch. Even with a DVR it can get tricky. The forum that you are about to goto (you MUST register to see whats available, takes 2 seconds) has pretty much every NHL game available from this season to download in divx format (viewable in divx player). Not only that but they are putting quite a collection together of International leagues like the Russian Super League (Ovechkin, Malkin) Swedish Elite League, etc. Also, they have lots of coverage from the past Winter Olympics (lots of CBC broadcasts, the best!) Don't pass this up just because you have to do a 30 second registration. Just like this community lets try and make this new and exciting one grow. If you are up to speed on all the latest technology to record games from your TV, compress in the format they have been doing and familiar with Torrents, get involved! http://ciforums.cjb.net/
  19. The percentage of those 5 hole slap shots increases on either wing right after the blue line... i like to line up with gary roberts, khristich, sandstrom, etc.. if they are on LW make sure they have a lefty shot...and same for RW.... hold C and hold down as well
  20. We still need to find a way to implement fighting in NHL94. I'm convinced that there is just hex code that is giving a no statement to fighting.
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