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  1. I tried to get rosters done in time for the end of the 2022 season but couldn't make it in time.  This always takes longer than I thought, but the rosters and ratings are finally updated.  I believe I have every player who's played every game so far this year for any of the teams from NHL95.

    Lineups were selected based on current injury statuses, so some top players with long-term injuries (e.g. Couturier, Ehlers, Backstrom) are scratches.  Can't be sure I have everyone's number right, either, when moving players I sometimes use temporary numbers and I didn't have the patience to comb through every roster to make sure I'd fixed all of them.

    Remember, just unzip these *.db files directly into your NHL95 folder, backing the previous ones up somewhere first.



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  2. Trade deadline update.  Created some players, changed some others, moved some others to free agency.  Players who have been injured most of the season who have not returned yet are scratches, though on teams out of the playoffs I fudged this a bit.  Players who look to be out for the remainder of the regular season are also scratched.


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  3. Hey -

    Looks like there's still a few people poking around here.  Anyway, I've updated NHL95 again, something I didn't think I would do.  Obviously this is difficult to do in July, so there's still several players from the NHL95 original database still included, but they are all healthy scratches.  Every team has at least 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies.   I haven't updated anything else - team rankings, logos, etc.  Quebec is Colorado, Carolina is Hartford, Winnipeg is Winnipeg.   

    I've also found a copy of 2012 rosters that I did not know I had, so I'll throw those in as well.  It looks like I must've done them after the trade deadline.

    To use these, merely unzip them and move the files to your NHL95 directory, overwriting the existing ones.  You may want to use the Temporary Save function in the Central Registry to back up the existing database files.



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  4. Hi,

    we had no problems with calibration, the puck on a calibration screen was stable. I think you should disable "Timed intervalls for axis" option in dosbox. In D-fend, the dosbox frontend I use, it can be done in "Joystick" menu. You'll find this menu by right-clicking on nhl95 profile and then selecting "Edit".

    Without a frontend you you'll have to edit a configuration file, but I don't know how exactly.

    (I'm not completly sure whether "Time intervalls" should be enabled or disabled. Just fix this option's status to opposite to the one that is set in your dosbox now:))

    Hope it'll work.

    I hadn't used D-Fend Reloaded - downloaded it, did everything you said, it's working perfectly. Thank you so much - my brother and I have been playing this game against one another since it came out, but we've never truly gotten to measure our skill 1 on 1 because i've had to play with the mouse. And while I like some things about the mouse, it's just much harder to score on breakaways with it.

  5. Great effort, thx!

    But AFAIK much easier way to do that exists.

    Dosbox has a built-in keyboard remapper. It can be activated by Ctrl+f1 anytime during game (so not from fontend level).

    It can do actually what ppjoy does but it's faster and more accessible.

    It is possible to map joystick moves and buttons to any key. Moreover, you can remap every key to other one, so you're no longer sentenced to use inconvenient "space-shot, alt-pass" layout.

    There's also no problem with calibrating such virtual joystick on the calibration screen in NHL95PC.

    I've played many games with my friend on two keyboards (laptop's one and another one on usb). I was using uhjk for skating, s for passing (it didn't mess the sound up, so I think dosbox remapper must overdrive standard in-game bindings), and d for shooting. He chose cursor keys and I don't remember what else, but it was working flawlessly.

    It applies to every dos game with hot-seat two player mode limited to keyboard vs. joystick setup as well as to dos games with unflexible keyboard lay-out.



    Okay, I tried this recently, and we couldn't get it to work. I plugged in a second keyboard to a USB port, which the computer recognized. We remapped the keys like you said. However, on the joystick screen, we were able to calibrate the joystick, but the puck would not stay in one place as it does with an actual joystick - it would keep moving to another spot then move back to where you wanted it to be. When it came to playing the game, I was unable to move my players in at least one direction, usually two, making the game unplayable. How did your calibration screen look when you did this?

  6. I was meaning that could you export rosters from game for example to text-file? After that edit that text-file and import rosters back to game. But I quess you just edit all players via editor. NHLinfo supports exporting rosters, but not importing. If there is any editor supporting export/import functionality available?

    I only know of NHLInfo and NHL9395.

  7. Thanks for the new rosters! Nice minor note ;)

    What editor do you use for making rosters? Is there export/import functionality?

    I use NHL9395 to edit players, and I also use the original game to create players and move them from team to team. I'm not sure what your second question means.

  8. Whatever happened to NHL95.com? Such a cool site, I miss it. They had updated versions of NHL 95 with redesigned rinks and everything. Then one day it just disappeared.

    I guess the guy got tired of paying for the domain name and took the site down, but yeah, that was a great resource. He even had a custom Dallas Stars Evgeny Davydov jersey from some draft league he had where Davydov was king (and he was quite good in that game).

  9. Hey,

    Didn't think I'd do this again, but I got the bug and here we are. Ratings are updated for the 2011-2012 season.

    * Some 4th line players are missing from the game for the usual reasons - I've been editing these ratings since 2008 and I hate constantly making/deleting marginal players.

    * The All-Star Teams are still Canada and the US from the 2010 Olympics with no ratings alterations.

    * Stats are not updated, but the stats for most players are as of 2010 or 2011.

    * The 'Winnipeg' franchise from NHL95 is still the Phoenix Coyotes and not the Winnipeg Jets. If the Coyotes give their Jets history to the Jets franchise, as the Baltimore Ravens did to the expansion Cleveland Browns in the NFL, I will change the Coyotes to the current Jets.

    * Minor note - there are only 8 players remaining from the original NHL95 - Martin Brodeur, Jason Arnott, Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne, Chris Pronger, Ray Whitney, Roman Hamrlik, and Nicklas Lidstrom.


  10. Well, I put the symbol players into Free Agency and the game still wouldn't play. It might have something to do with my emulator, but seeing as it's a port of DosBox, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    I don't see either, but no one else has reported problems with these rosters.

  11. Dunno what to say. I downloaded those rosters, started a season with the Devils, played that game against Winnipeg, had no problems (other than that matthew corrente was in the starting lineup, lol @ me). My central registry has normal players listed. Can you try moving those players who are symbols, etc. to free agency, perhaps?

  12. I've never seen an option to take a timeout in NHL95 for PC. Also, I don't think there's a way to put out your PP lines even though the computer will do it when he's down late.

    I think for the one timer you want to wait to hit space until the puck comes nearer to your player, and you don't want to select that player beforehand.

  13. do you have NHL95 for PC? that's the first question.

    assuming you do, just unzip the files into your NHL95 directory and say yes when asked to overwrite all. make sure to make backups of all *.db files before you do that. then, enjoy.

  14. Hey,

    Finally got around to finishing this. The rosters are current as of 1/7, although there's a few stragglers around (O'Sullivan on Carolina, Schenn on LA). Ratings are updated and reflect some of this season, but most of last season. golub, thanks for the updates between now and then, they were certainly a help.


  15. That's great! I wanted someone to do it for a long time, so dont be shy when re-rating. Some of the players I added I simply did not know much about, so they can be quite wrong.

    For example, players like Tyler Seguin I think I put with too bad stats (given his skills). Colby Armstrong is another example, I think for example his AGG was set too low (he players kind of aggressively).

    i thought you rated seguin pretty well. i do recall being confused at some of the things you had done with ex-expansion team players, but no worries. i think i'll work on them tonight and hopefully get them up tomorrow.

    i'm having trouble opening this in my emulator... any suggestions??

    this is for NHL95 for PC. which by the way is much better than NHL95 for SNES/Genesis.

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