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  1. thegr8, its a cheap goal b/c it works every time. there is no other shot in the game which results in such a wide open goal and an easy shot every freaking time. also, it makes no sense that the goal is that wide open. really, why would the goalie not follow the player if he skates right in front of the crease. the goal is wide open every time. any other way of scoring takes a degree of skill or luck, whereas once you learn this trick you can find a wide open net every time. i realize there are things you can do to prevent the goal (manual goalie / defense), but its still bullshit.
  2. there is a cheap way to score in the game. it involves skating right in front of the goalie crease and the goalie not following fast enough resulting in a open goal. basically it works every time and if someone is using it against someone who is not the game is unbalanced. anyone else notice this. it is a huge debate among me and my friends. i, and most of my friends, feel it is a cheap way to score and have a gentlemans code against using it. some people still use it and say if its in the game you might as well use it. does anyone know what im talking about???