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  1. Hey guys, Just an update, I'll be available all day this Thursday and Friday to get a ton of games in for GENS A. Hopefully I can see some of you guys then. Thanks.
  2. Team Name: Calgary Flames First Line LW: Robert Reichel C: Theo Fleury RW: Ted Donato LD:Jyrki Lumme RD:Dave Ellett X: Robert Petrovicky G: Sean Burke Second Line LW: Robert Petrovicky C: Craig Simpson RW: Doug Weight LD: Grant Ledyard RD: Steve Chiasson X: Theoren Fleury G: Vincent Riendeau
  3. This is hilarious... Now time to get Lindros' opinion on this
  4. Flasox selects grant Ledyard
  5. Flasox selects Robert Petrovicky
  6. Flasox takes Craig Simpson
  7. Flasox selects Jyrki Lumme
  8. Flasox selects Sean Burke
  9. Flasox selects Robert Reichel
  10. I will keep Calgary... Same unis and music.... Thx!
  11. Team Name: Calgary Flames First Line LW: Geoff Sanderson C: Mike Gartner RW: Kevin Todd LD: Sergei Bautin RD: Jyrkii Lumme EA: Joe Murphy G: Andrew Moog Second Line LW: Brian Noonan C: Joe Murphy RW: Guy Carbonneau LD:Jamie Macoun RD: Eric Weinrich EA:Mike Gartner G: Vincent Riendeau
  12. Terrific job, a painless process for us thanks to your hard work and an amazing website. The draft history for each player--especially ADP and which coach selected which player each year was extremely helpful in the later rounds where picking can get a bit tricky and tedious.
  13. Looks great...its finally nice to see the original Blackhawks home music in my stadium instead of that annoying car alarm Sabres music. I think most of my opponents will be happy with that too
  14. This is a pretty ill feature...lots of hard work on your part....nicely done!
  15. Flasox takes Sergei Bautin
  16. Flasox selects Joe Murphy
  17. Flasox selects Andy Moog
  18. Nice to have the forums back up! Carse--not sure if you got my prior AIM messages, but I have been in San Diego the past few days and will be here till July 8. I will be in contact with you as soon as I get back so we can knock out our series. Thanks
  19. Let's do 2PM pacific time Thurs. See you then
  20. Thx for the update Kupuck...must've just missed you tonight. Played some exis with Ice earlier. Sat is a no go for me, I will be away. Next TH(anytime) or FRI(anytime) then? PM/post me a specific time and lets make it happen