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  1. For NHL94 on sega CD, is there a way to get the CD audio files working without burning to a disc? The game is emulating fine except none of the CD audio is coming through at all. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. There's no master list for AIM names out there but you can start by looking at the various league pages.

    Check this one out:

    Thanks for the list. Also, anyone know why I might be having controller issues in the game? Like, it'll work fine in the menus, but in game nothing happens at all (on my controller, other guy is fine). It's almost as if we're both trying to use port one or something. I've checked it single player and it works fine. So, if anyone's got any ideas I'd be glad to hear them. Also, anyone know /have any issues with GENS and dual core processors?

  3. IMO...

    1-Thou shalt NEVER lose to the computer

    2-Thou shalt always score a goal when the midway music starts in the 3rd

    3-Thou shalt never overestimate the power of the HABS

    4-Thou shalt never underestimate the power of the HABS

    5-Thou shalt always switch Howerchuk and Mogilny so that Dale sits on thy penalty kill

    6-Thou shalt always strive to injure the other team's star player(s) as soon as possible

    7-Thou shalt learn to skate into the ref as someone goes into the box, and then do it as much as possible

    8-Thou shalt knock down all of the opposing team's players after they score on you, and then spit on their coach

    9-Thou shalt drink much liquor while playing and sing along with the organ at least once in thy lifetime

    10-Thou shalt forever dream of the magical day when 50 goals in a ten minute period game becomes a reality