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  1. I tried IE and Mozilla, and neither site would let me click on anything, I tried numberous times clicking all over the boxes, nothing. I couldnt copy a hyperlink either. I am guessing there site is in progress or something, but I don;t know. Does anyone else know how i can download it?
  2. Lol I just got back from a trip across the border to casino windsor, the buffets, the poker, the winnings, and the NHL Hockey playoffs we did linked on the same team in the car ride, can't believe how much fun that was heheh. We, the Flyers came back from being down 3 1 after the 1st period, in a 15 min game and won 5 4 in OT, scored a wrap around goal in 8 seconds of OTand got them to throw hats on the ice right when it ended (lindros hat trick). Good times. Best Monday day off of work ever. I had forgot how dimilar the game gear game NHL Hockey was to NHL 94. It has rosters from 95 but everything else, including the graphics are pretty much the same as 93-94. The background at the start menu is from the origional game also called NHL Hockey for genesis of course. I wonder, is there a place that shows what player is on every line for NHL HOCKEY for genesis? I could use the 93 lines to see and it would be very similar lol. Anyways, yeah I love the portable nhl games from back in the day. If only I had got my hands on a nomad back then, Nomad is like a Big Game Gear that plays GG and Genesis gamesand its of course fully portable, it was a tad bigger than the game gear I think, I would kill to get one of those off of ebay! lol I am going to try now. Does anyone out there have a Sega Nomad?
  3. I found NHL 2002 for GBA, and figured I would give it along with a few other sports games for the GBA a shot. Most of them sucked, including NHL Hitz 2003 but this one had a very oldschool feeling with a new twist: The gameplay is a little faster. This can make it easier or harder to score depending on the situation, but the feel and gameplay are very much similar to NHL 95-96 especially. The skaters are definitly easier to move than on the early games, which has always been my least favorite part about NHL 94. I am not saying this game is better, the sounds are not as good, and the game's menu screen music is a bit repetative, but it's good when you first hear it. Anyways, I just thought that anyone who likes to try and play NHL games similar to the NHL 93-98 series would like this a lot. The new roster that still has many of the oldschool favorite players and good teams from the old days is definitly a plus. I think this game is an important part of the NHl game series and could possibly be considered a part of this site. If nhl 93-98 including the pc games and the different versions across multiple systems all have there own small area this game could too as well if it is popular. Of course the main problem is it was a GBA game rather than for snes/gens, but it is just as easy to find online and play on an emulator, and for traveling people who gave a DS or gba this game can probobly still be bought online. I always had NHL hockey for the Game Gear as a kid, it was very very similar to nhl 93-95, with the graphics being a bit worse but for a handheld game at the time it was the best hockey game graphic wise and overall you could buy. It had full playoff and best of 7 playoff coverage, but of course no season or trades like in the other old games. It has the same rosters as NHL 95 also as it is from 1994. This is another game that should be considered an important part of the old school NHL series and I hope that other people have enjoyed these two games. Let me know if you guys know of any other NHL games that are very similar, 2002 was the only year it was made for GBA and I am pretty sure there was only one EA nhl game for GG .
  4. NHLGamerSince1994

    I am excited to get NHL 95 working for pc but,,,

    I want to change the controls so I can use the D-pad instead of the Joystick, as I stated. If you don't know, the d-pad is the oldschool arrows on sega genesis/snes/nintendo/saturn etc controllers, they were the most common until Playstation and Dreamcast and N64 added the round arcade style joystick to the controllers. It is a tad harder to control most older games with the joystick, and I have no idea why the d-pad doesn't work on dosbox. At the start of NHL 95 it has the calibration area but it does not work well, so I cannot move the players hardly at all with the controller. Oh well I guess for dosbox I will have to stick with the wireless keyboard. I doubt there is a way to fix it, as older sports games did not feature editing controls and this game doesn't either, it only allows you to select which controller players 1/2 are using. I definitly think NHL96 for the pc is a lot better, and I am suprised most people disagree. Sure 95 is more like the genesis games, but it was more all of the features of NHL96, and that it was the 1st hockey game of its kind, I mean from 95 to 96 the graphics and performance of the game jumped hugely, more than between any other two games, and with changable camera angles, full career stats for all of the players, a whole deck of hockey cards to look at, I believe they were the brand "fleer" and there also were stat comparers and the best interface of any sports game at the time. I loved that game, I played it for 3 months with no sound until I got a new computer, that's how good the game was at the time. I can only keep praying that somehow I get NHL 96 to work on xp or vista.
  5. NHLGamerSince1994

    I am excited to get NHL 95 working for pc but,,,

    Well I figured out how to make it fulscreen prety quickly, but I can't get my controller to work right. I don't know how to edit controls so I have to use the joystick instead of the directional buttons on my controller, which won't calibrate right. The keyboard owrks fine for playing, but I only have figured out two controls, shoot (enter or spade) and pass (either alt) with is basically b and c on the sega, but what is a? I have no clue how to change lines or dump the pick, and I think you can do another kind of check from messing around with buttons. If anyone can help give me a holla. I still am sad nhl 96 won't work, and I can't find any freeware iso making software for making an image bla bla bal I've spent 2 days with dosbox and nhl 96, nothing works. Also the hex modifier will not install, it freezes at 99% on the installshield, but I am going to try installing it onto a flash drive via my old xp computer tonight, which usually works. If anyone has any idea how I can edit controls in NHL 95 for pc please let me know, or If you know what they are that would help!
  6. NHLGamerSince1994

    Please help with NHL 96 installation

    A new problem. Yay. I actually got NHL 95 pc to install on dosbox, but when i run it is says the following".. wtf? omg. The 1st 2 tries didnt work now its started fine omg, wow I was about to type the error message and bam! Well I wish 96 would work and I am about to try out 95 and see if it plays well
  7. NHLGamerSince1994

    Please help with NHL 96 installation

    Well I just spent some time trying it on my old xp 1 computer with no success. Every time I run the setup off the disc via dosbox after mounting it just gave me a blank screen on dosbox = setup.exe wont run. I am so worn out I am going to relax for a while, and later I will try what you said. I used to have a copy of a linux os on disc and I am sure if I am desperate I can download a free os, I am a computer apps major so I've taken classes on linux and op systems and programming etc so I am pretty good with them for the most part. Anyways, Thanks for the help, I will give it a shot later and try to find the right software. I am not sure exactly the commands needed however to mount the image once I have made an iso, but I am pretty sure I can easily find a iso file creator.
  8. NHLGamerSince1994

    NHL '96 for PC

    [i would do anything to get NHL 96 to work, I spent a few hours on it earlier. I even have the old computer it workedon, but I need to reinstall Windows or some kind of Operating System or reformat it, Which I can't do because there is a virus, which is the whole reason my family got a new computer at the time. I don't know how to clear the memory out, I have been asking around for help and info but with no luck. I would be happy to share the game if someone helps me figure out exactly how to do it, I tried what I saw on the forums on dosbox and I got close, but right when it started copying the files during the installation it crashes!!! GRRRR I just need to figure why it cant copy the files. It was also my 1st hockey game, and then shortly after I went to get nhl 95 but got 94 on accident, and 95 a week later, and loved both, later got 96 for genesis which I made like 100 created players that I knew, people came and played with me and I put them in, good old days. We had full seasons and played for prizes, mostly just food/candy etc. Anyways, I hope I can figure this out, either how to use NHL96 on my vista computer or get my old one working! God help me!
  9. NHLGamerSince1994

    Please help with NHL 96 installation

    God, two older comps one with win xp and one it works on with wibn 98, neither work at all. The win 98 pc has a virus, and was completely cleaned out, but the virus is still there somehow, so I cannot install windows 98 back onto it! It will not let me format the hard drive or anything, it actually says "cannot a disk with a virus" etc something similar. I have no idea what to do, if there is some trick to completely clean everything, my dad did it years ago when i was young, tired reformatting it and I am guessing he had the same problem, so we got a new computer. If someone could help me or point me to where someone may know how to get rid of the virus and use that computer again, I would be so f***ing happy i would pay them if i had money lol man o man, I am going all out just to play NHL 95 or 96 on pc. I have both neither work on vista so far and so far dosbox has failed me. I just don't know what to do, I really needed a nhl 96 season run or something to add some fun to my life. There is nothing to do in michigan where i live so the cumputer has been my life for about 9 years, and video games for 5 more years before that (im 21). I have other interests and I am not really viewed as a geek, I don't get with all of the weird lingo I just am hooked on gaming. That's it and I can respect anyone else that loves playing. Well I am going to do a whole NHL 94 for Sega CD best of 7 p'offs tonight. I have just got it to work, and I am excited, I love the replays and the mid game stats, and the music rocks on sega cd! Its insane. Sorry for rambling, I am sick with pnemonia so I am just lonely from laying in bed all week. Thanks all if anyone read it all lol and please feedback would be awsome
  10. NHLGamerSince1994

    Please help with NHL 96 installation

    Im pretty sick right now and I think it would make this next week lying around a lot easier if someone can help me. The only way I can seem to get the installation to run is by copying the files to my c drive from the disc, an then installing it from there, but once I get through the install options to where it actually starts copying files, it does not work. How do I copy an image? I heard that works as opposed to just copying the files. Please elt me know how so I can make an image to use, and hopefully it willnot have the same file location error or whatever the heck is going on. I don't know, I am tired of trying to get this to work I have pnemonia and I am just sick of dealing with it lol. If anyone can help me it would make this next week a lot better. The PC version of NHL 96 has way way way more features and better gameplay than that of the gens/snes versions, I miss it a lot right now. My old computer doesnt run at all so thats out of the question. BTW I am on vista premium, yeah it blows, doesnt work on xp, either though The other thing is how exactly do I mount the image once I make it? God i wish someone could just give me directions for how to install it with dosbox, and I would do it easily. I am good at following instructions lol. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I read the entire site's similar pages, and everything that was said I tried without success, except for making the image, that's what I think I need to do to get it to work and noone said how to do it. I wish there was a program I could just install it with easily, no problems. I just can't get it to work! ahhhhhhh whyyyyyyy