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  1. Oh and there is no bad thing about NHL 94 not even Enrico Ciccone or Chris LaPuma. That is all.
  2. HORTY, how could you say that about my main squeeze Jagr? I think I am going to cry in the corner...and on my birthday no less (cue dramatic music) Here's a great mullet pic: Here's a picture where I think he is trying to smile: And here is the best picture of him EVER (except of course the one photoshopped of me and him): Now let's talk about Jagr's greatness....Discuss...
  3. I've found that if you take the guy who is hot out and leave the guy who is cold in you usually run up the score higher and faster than vice versa. I've seen Pavel Bure put in with the cold rating and he had something crazy like 17 goals, no assists though (as if you ever get assists in the game!). But if you put him in when he's hot he only has like 5 goals. It works with most of the power fowards and defensemen, but I suggest you try may just be unique to my cartridge.
  4. Horty (can I call you Horty?). You need the Sega CD thingy to put on your genesis to play the game- I think. I don't think they made for a CD-ROM back then. Did they even have CD-ROM's back then? Evan's cousin has one (of the Sega CD players)and literally 25 copies of NHL 94 on Sega CD, they are fun becuase they are easier to hack...or so I am told. That's where I think Evan did his first fantasy league. Anyway, you can probably pick one of the players up on E-Bay or something.
  5. I agree with does get annoying when you score so much...oh wait did i say annoying? I meant to say great...nevermind
  6. My Dear Tickenest, I think we may have to change that for you...
  7. That was a great game wasn't it? Here's a ditty for the unbelievers (if there are any): yeah it was vancouver vs anaheim but it was still fun! now for the bonecrushing!
  8. I vote no...since I have heard no bad things about you and in fact you sound quite interesting.
  9. I like the work you have done clockwise, but I feel you have missed something...What is that something you ask??? Why it's a goalie doing the Vulcan Leg Lift... If you could make one of those (preferably hasek or riendeau) I may change my disco dancin' Earl...
  10. how many times has this happened to all of us? it's a part of the game...i find it funny when you boys get mad when it happens. i think this is sidestepping the real issue... the real question is...when does the computer actually score a GOOD goal?
  11. for gens...hands down it has to be evan...for snes i have to clue...
  12. i think that those people who like the snes version just dont like a good challenge...if you like the EASIER version that's fine by me i happen to LIKE a good challenge
  13. i will put my favs (in no particular order): 1) LeBeau (Montreal)...he's just so good put him on LW though or else you wont get the most effective play out of him 2)Kron(Hartford)- yeah he's streaky but when he's on he's golden 3) Khmylev(Buffalo)-he's another one where the ratings are just not right! he's the best to use...if you ever wanna try something crazy do this RW-mogilny, C-Presley and LW-Khmylev you'll score non-stop unless you're having an off night 4)Davydov(WInnipeg)-put him on the wing 5)Lipuma (Tampa Bay)-He's slow but I can get him to score and once he has the puck he's hard for the other team to knock down though when he doesnt have it he goes down like a sack of potatoes these guys are always put in when i exceptions except when i play with someone else who doesnt like my stellar choices...
  14. and some old ones know who you are (including me)
  15. if i knew a lick about soccer i would...but honestly soccer doesn't interest me...i've seen games and my brother used to play it but only hockey and (american)football for me...oh and beisbol occasionally because after all all the best players come from my mom's country....
  16. the first team i played with was either winnipeg or vancouver...what's memorable about that is that it was my first time EVER playing a hockey game and it was 94...oh yeah and i think it was like my 3rd or 4th date with evan...i wanted to see what the fuss was all about i've been hooked since and i disagree with that whole chicago thing backhandfloater yes roenick is good, but shutouts are boring..i like the close games and new york is the best city...i don't like that whole wind thing that you have going on there
  17. football? like soccer football or football football? and either way my answer would be no....
  18. what's up with the face man? the sega version kicks SOOOO much more ass than the snes version. in my opinion the snes is slower and less fun...but that's just me....egg loves her genesis...
  19. lets see my favorites are as follows: 1) NHL 94 (of course) 2)Gunstar Heroes 3)is a tie between Sonic2 and Toe Jam and Earl and mr. yzerman....all i have to say about your hate-age of Toe Jam and Earl is this: BOO-URNS to you sir! BOO-URNS!
  20. only ONE man dare give me the raspberry!
  21. you can't slow down!!!! its too dangerous!!! you have to slow down first!!!
  22. thank you very much...i had a great time...i am all embarrased now....
  23. red: for overrated you forgot lemuiex oh wait why not make it the whole pittsburgh team???? as for the most underrated player... in my opinion: dominic hasek...underrated as goalie AND you can score with him and believe it or not i have good luck with whitmore from vancouver...go figure also: i have used lebeau a couple of times...SOOOOO underrated!!! use him and use him often!!!!!!