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  1. Thank you for your hard work, Will the season mode be able to have all teams able to play?
  2. Is it possible to post your updated work so we can continue to test?
  3. what emulator for a iphone can i use? also does it have to be jailbroken?
  4. Has this change been made to the latest download?
  5. Hope to be back this weekend, bad cut last week mixed with broken thumb does not help. Hopefully grip will be better this weekend.
  6. Guys, I will pick up some extra games this week. Got my hand cut open playing hockey really can't grip much. Need a few days will look to get it done by this weekend.
  7. How come I get a message that every network is full is this common? Jim
  8. Here is the next installment of my seasons using NHL 93 ECHL 09-10 The ECHL's is listed as the league as "The Premier AA" league of hockey in North America, because most teams serve as feeder teams for American Hockey League teams. This download includes the ECHL 2009-10 using NHL 93 Anyway here is the file , let me know of any changes in this topic so i can correct them and put out an update. Also remember this league changes daily so all your help is really appreciated. Thanks to: Slapshot67 for NHL93 Template ECHL_09_10.bin
  9. Corrected some of the players names, some teams have had a couple of duplicates along with the Mcrae move from London to Plymouth
  10. Here is my first season NHL season I will post NHL 1942-43 The Rockets Rookie Year This download includes the 1942-43 season using NHL 93 it also includes a full schedule and stat package for you to use in Excel format. The schedule automatically updates the standing when you enter scores into the schedules. The player stats must be updated by hand but can be added very quickly it will also calculate GAA avverage but rember if you pull the goalie at the end of game take 1 minute off game time. Anyway here are the files let me know what you think Thanks to: Slapshot67 for NHL93 Template Excel Templates for the Soccer template I coverted to hockey. NHL_93_1942_43.bin 1942_43_season_stats_and_schedule.zip
  11. OHL 09-10 updated OHL_09_10.bin
  12. I did not add banners nor will I add banners only cause I don't know ow to do it right. If you can add banner I will post an update today.
  13. jimdawg47

    OHL 09-10

    Here is an OHL 09-10 MOD of NHL 93 Players were named but thier was now changes to ratings if someone wants to make those changes let me know any help would be great. Thanks to Slapshot67 for template and all teh help he has given. LOOK AT BOTTOM FOR UPDATE
  14. Pro Roller Hockey League PIHA League website ALL LINE CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE IN NOSE, INGAME WILL CRASH Thanks to Slapshot67 for template and help PIHA_2009_10.bin