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  1. In case mine has a chance of being added - For PHI, can I have Goligowski on the first line RD and Gallagher on the first line LW
  2. I'll be on sometime after work (9:30-45 PM EST) for some games LABS
  3. 6.18 Anton Stralman 7.1 Alex Goligoski
  4. 2.18 Tuukka Rask 3.1 Dustin Byfuglien
  5. 1.1 Burdy selects Alexander Ovechkin
  6. Yeah I know but it had me confused at first because I always just simply thought of it as a poke and not a full on check
  7. Why does everyone call the "B-check" a B-check? Isn't it technically just a poke check, not a check?
  8. Hey, Been playing NHL 94 for a long while on the genesis and just want to get into a league and have some competitive fun (Signed up for the fall league - told to post here). AIM : Burdy323
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