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  1. burdy

    Line Combinations

    In case mine has a chance of being added - For PHI, can I have Goligowski on the first line RD and Gallagher on the first line LW
  2. 10.18 Nick Bjugstad 11.1 Trevor Daley
  3. 8.18 Brendan Gallagher 9.1 Nazem Kadri
  4. 6.18 Anton Stralman 7.1 Alex Goligoski
  5. burdy

    NVL 1 Draft - Day Two (Rd 2-4)

    4.18 Henrik Zetterberg
  6. burdy

    NVL 1 Draft - Day Two (Rd 2-4)

    2.18 Tuukka Rask 3.1 Dustin Byfuglien
  7. burdy

    NVL 1 Draft - Day One (Rd. 1)

    1.1 Burdy selects Alexander Ovechkin
  8. burdy

    Tips for Genesis Rookies

    Yeah I know but it had me confused at first because I always just simply thought of it as a poke and not a full on check
  9. burdy

    Tips for Genesis Rookies

    Why does everyone call the "B-check" a B-check? Isn't it technically just a poke check, not a check?
  10. burdy

    Welcome New Coaches

    Hey, Been playing NHL 94 for a long while on the genesis and just want to get into a league and have some competitive fun (Signed up for the fall league - told to post here). AIM : Burdy323
  11. burdy

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Looking for a test game for the fall league - maybe tonight? AIM : Burdy323
  12. burdy

    NHL 95 PC controls